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I Lost My Viginity At 15

I was going out with this guy for 3 days and then we did it. he said he wont ever leave me if we do it,but. I was having second thoughts while doing it so, i told him to stop it. then he got mad and forcefully continued and I really didint like it. he even fingered me.and his face was obviously mad,and right after doing it with me, right after taking away my virginity, he broke up with me. he said it's best to stop seeing each other.. i totally regret doing it with him and i feel so dirtified right now. i think i dont have any right to love anymore or anyone. im so stupid.I thought i was gonna marry him.
iamsomeone123 iamsomeone123 13-15, F 7 Responses Mar 17, 2012

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Just sit tight and work thorough it all for some time and be careful.

I ever felt like you too.. though I asked broke up first, I feel so dirty and I feel no one will love me anymore. but it just the matter of time.. U will understand this and accept your self as who you are now. you are still lucky, u will not spend your life with a bad guy like him. cheer up! :)

i love using girls for sex

Forget him. He only wanted you for sex and when he got it he broke up with you. Its not your fault I mean you did tell him to stop and he didn't. You can do way better then him trust me. That guy is a total ***. Like Azdesertman2012 said talk to someone that you can trust, like a friend. You have every right to love someone, don't let him make you feel like you don't.

Wow thats horrible to hear. You will find someone right and its disapointing that he di dthat to you, he kind of was raping you if he didnt stop but not quiet. See a counciler if it's still bothering you, but next boy you find wait a bit before he does that

You shouldnt let what some ******* did to you make you think less of yourself!! What he did was ****** up and he should have his *** beat for it! I dont know you but I'm sure you are a wonderful perosn and dont let this ******* make you think less of yourself. It wasnt your fault that this happenend he took advantage of you and that was wrong of him! Never doubt yourself eve!

i think i dont have any right to love anymore or anyone. im so stupid.I thought i was gonna marry him.<br />
Yes you do and will... forget that creep~! <br />
Perhaps give your next boyfriend a longer wait, don't give of yourself without being sure that there is love, which doesn't equal lust, that's just raging hormones. Do you have any girls to talk to about you feel. Talking will help you feel better about your future and yourself. Good Luck, Cheer up there is a long and winding road ahead of you!

It's not your fault!!!! He's the 1 who apparently is the 1 who doesnt deserve to love. Maybe 1day something like this will happen 2 him nd then he'll know how it feels

exactly right