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Typical "almost Lost My Virginity" Story ^_^

Well, hii there ^.^
This is MY story, of my almost loss of virginity .
I'm currently 15, & the guy that I almost lost my virginity to is 14, shocking I know, but he looks way older than what he is in reality. He's actually my BEST guy friend, & I always trusted him. Until I moved to another state, which I found out about 4 months ago that the state that I'm in right now is his hometown. So he surprised me telling me he was coming down here to visit family.
Besides all of that, I had a tiny crush on him. & once he came, one spring break weekend day, we hung out at his uncles house, & his uncle is 18, well, we chilled & stuff & we're both pot heads, (don't judge) something we always did since we barely met. Well we met cause of our potheaded friends. So we were at his uncles house, & they brought the blunts out, I was sorta on the "I don't want to smoke" side, cause honestly when I'm high I get horny. Lol, & well I took about three hits & stopped cause I didn't want to get out of control, he smoked way more on the other hand, he was, as we young adults call it, "f'd up". & we just sat around & he has some really big lips that I couldn't keep my eyes off of, so I pecked him & he was shocked. He started laughing & said "I've been wanting to give you a kiss but I didn't want to make it awkward". So we made out, it was pretty passionate & loooong, like 30 min. My checks & mouth were num, lol. & since I'm not shy to tell people how I feel, I told him I was a little horny. So we decided to go into his uncles room, & continue our make out session. One thing led to another, & sooner or later he took off his shirt, (which he has an AMAZING body) & I couldn't help but touch his body. I bit his lip, & he got an immidiate erection. I giggled & pointed out his bonner, & he just said "its your fault" my smile faded, & I started going crazy, out passionate make out session turned out to get more fast mode. I don't know why, my my hands started undoing his pants, my mind wasn't connecting to my bady by now. My body had its own decisions, & I agreed w/ my body. So I finally finished un doing his pants, it took a minute. & he slid my pants off in less than 10 seconds. I thought that was hot. He had this power over my body, I WANTED him.. & also in my mind I was saying "thank goodness, I shaved" LMAO. Well, as soon as he took my panties of, next thing you know his big juicy lips are glued to my ****. I started making these sounds & pulling his hair which I noticed was just getting him more horny. After he finished, I sort of got turned off from nowhere, & realized how nervous I was. As he started try & enter me, I put my hand on his bady & said "wait, I don't... I can't" he got frustrated or mad or whatever, & just started kissing me & telling me it won't hurt. But I still didn't want to, he forcefully pushed his penis in my vagina hole, & sudden STINGING sensation came. I was shocked, like WTF? Dude, get off of me & I pushed him off. He was upset, & said "oh my goodness, I swear I didn't mean to do that".I got up got dressed, frusttrated because I couldn't believe my best friend just hurt me.. I would have never thought that he was like that. He eventually left & we started talking again, we absolutely love eachother (best friend way) & he & I aren't awkward of what happened.. I don't bring it up neither does he.
But 2 weeks ago we stopped talking for some reason. Now I have another crush, who I would never even thought of ever liking him. Not even crazy, but it happened. We were best friends since january, & I just barely started noticing my feelings for him. Weird cause we treat eachother like bf/gf type, every one thinks we got out but I always say "noo, wtf he's my bestfriend like that" my girl best friend told me a day ago that he had told her he did like me, but it was better off being bestfriends,. But sooner or later, I feel like I'm gonna be an emotional reck, & just tell him my true feelings. He let's me abuse of him, lol. He likes it when I bite him (even though I know that's unhealthy) that's our thing. & I mean, idk after what last guy best friend did I'm sort of scared to trust him.. what should I do, tell him how I really feel, & take a chance in our friendship. Or just let it be, & keep w/ our friendship? Please help <3
tarishajay tarishajay 13-15 1 Response May 3, 2012

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I almost lost my virginity last night... I still kind of feel awkward about it, but I'm glad I didn't let it happen. I guess I'm a little embarrassed to be a virgin still because I'm 18 lol. Anyways, thanks for sharing your story. Reading your story made me feel a lot better.