So here's my first story on EP about how i lost my virginity to a girl named Emily. I was 15, she 13. She had been having sex since i think around 10 or 11 so it's safe to say she was pretty experienced, but it didn't bother me. I actually was glad because she coached me through what to do. So here it goes...

I had broken up with my ex girlfriend approximately 4 or 5 days before I had met Emily. I had met her while out at the movies with some of my friends, out of a pretty much empty movie theater, she and her friend had chosen to sit with us. I on the end with my friends, and her next to me. I think the movie was The Grudge, a movie I had no real interest in seeing, so I was pretty much checking her out all night. She was the first to initiate conversation since I was a bit on the shy side back then. Eventually it led to her holding my hand, which in turn ended up with us making out until the end of the movie. We all walked out together, my 4 friends, myself, Emily, and her friend. She ended up giving me her phone number and left. After she left my friends were all saying the she was a butterface, which isn't far from the truth, but she was still attractive to me, the 36D **** and great *** helped too lol.

So I had called her the next day which was a Thursday and we had made plans to hang out that Saturday. Once I arrived at her house, I did the whole "meet the parents" deal, as my father had taught me always to do. After meeting her parents we went down the street to a local park near the marina on the Delaware River. We talked and such, which led to making out, and her rubbing my crotch and myself rubbing her ***** through one another's pants. After about 5 minutes of this her little sister had called, who was 11 or 12 at the time, with the same build as Emily, but was much more attractive, and we went to the local pizza place for lunch, we made out some more in the private booth, rubbed each other a little more, in front of her sister, who didn't seem to mind, and after lunch I had to leave.

We had talked throughout the week about everything from school to sex, which is when she had learned that I was still a virgin, which she was ok with, but had intent in her voice to change it.

The following Saturday, I'll never forget the day, November 13,2004, I saw her again. We went back to the park, talked for a bit, and I went to kiss her. She had the wettest tongue that I've ever had in my mouth. She then proceeded to put her hand down my pants and fondle my ****. So I in turn placed my hand down her pants and began rubbing her shaved wet *****. She pulled down her pants to about her knees so I could finger her without putting any stress on my wrist. I in turn unzipped my jeans and pulled my **** through my open zipper for her waiting hand. She jerked me like a pro, best ******* I had gotten by that time. And i was working her ***** with my index and middle fingers, getting her wetter for my ring finger. After a few minutes she dropped to her knees and took my **** in her wet mouth and began deep-throating me and playing with my balls. The first time I had ever felt that sensation and I loved it. After a few minutes of her working my ****, her sister calls again interrupting our fun. We went back to the pizza place and sat in the same booth as the week prior, and I was still pitching a tent. Once we sat down, Emily unzipped my pants and began ******* me off in front of her sister. Her sister acted like she was grossed out, but she didnt take her eyes off of us. What happened next surprised even me. She bent over and started sucking my **** again, and this is something her sister definitely didn't look away from. She sucked my **** for a good 10 minutes before we had to leave.

We all walked back to her house, went inside at sat down to watch TV. Her mom and stepdad were out back doing god knows what. The couch and love seat were in an "L" shaped pattern and Emily and I were on the couch, her sister on the love seat. The love seat directly faced the TV as well as the back door. Emily got up and got a blanket from her room for us to "cuddle" under. Cuddling consisted of us fondling each other as her sister kept watch. That's when she said it.
"You want to **** me?" with a sexy seductive smile on her face.

"Em!" her sister yelled out, not expecting her to suggest it right in front of her.

"Shut up and keep and eye out"

"But I don't have a condom" I replied.

Her next words surprised me as well as made my **** the hardest it had even been by then. "Don't you want your first time to be the best it could possibly feel?"

Needless to say, that sealed the deal. She pulled the blanket over us as she pulled one leg out of her jeans, and I pulled mine down to my ankles. I was nervous not knowing what to expect. I rubbed her ***** to make sure she was wet enough, and that she was. She held me **** and guided it towards her *****. Right as I was about to enter her, she said, "Ready baby?" in the sweetest, sexiest voice I've heard. She then kissed me and placed my **** slightly in her *****. It was then she grabbed my *** and pushed me balls deep into her tight wet *****. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt. The feeling of the natural lubrication the vagina provides, and well as the muscles wrapping around your ****; a feeling I cannot really put into words. I look at her with a look of surprise and she responds with a "Sorry" with a sexy teasing smile. I could've came right there. She then proceeded to tell me to go slow, and take my time so I could truly enjoy it. I then proceeded to slowly move my **** in and out of her, having to stop after 5-10 pumps. It was amazing. In the background I heard her sister give out a little laugh. I looked up to her and said, "Hey it was first time, cut me a break ok?" And who could blame her? I was about to blow my load after 1 minute. She said, "Well I'm actually surprised you lasted this long." Emily then told me to keep going. I began slowly pumping her again, enjoying this new sensation that could've brought me to my knees. After stopping an additional two times, I told her I was ready to ***. She told me to **** her fast and to *** on her stomach. I began ******* her as hard and fast as I could, and after 4 or 5 pumps, I felt the *** building inside me. After 2 more pumps, I pulled out and began ******* before I could reach her stomach. The final 2 spurts landed on her stomach, while the first few dripped down her ***** to her *** and finally the couch. She rubbed in my *** on her stomach and sucked her juices and the rest of my *** off my ****.

We proceeded to get dressed and she went in her room to change her thong. I noticed the half dollar sized *** stain on the couch cushion to I flipped it over. Her sister gave me a sexy look that seemed to be of an impressed nature, but I couldn't have been sure. As soon as Emily exited her room a minute later, her parents enter the house, and we all acted like nothing had happened.

The whole ordeal lasted 5-6 minutes, but it was the best 5-6 minutes of my life. More stories between me and Emily to *** soon ;-)
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I guess this is a coming -of-age story? Well told. I look forward to the next chapters.

thanx so much 4 this story! i realy luv it cuz even tho its diffrent its still kinda like a window into wot it was like 4 all the middle skool guyz i broke in =D