After School ;)

So it was after hours on the last day of school and me and my boyfriend Sam were making out next to the building. As me were kissing and well, yeah you know ;) I felt his **** throuch his jeans poking my ***** through my cheerleading skirt. I was wet, very, and I knew he wanted to do it, but I wasn't sure yet. I rubbed the palm of my hand against it pressing it down. He let his head roll back and moaned and I knew I wanted to have some more "fun" so I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees, letting his **** spring ot against his boxers, and it was bigger than I thought. I could see it was stretching and even bent under the tuning fabric, and a spot of precum on it. I pushed him against the wall so he was sitting upright, and sat with my legs around him letting his erect **** press against my pink thong. I knew I wasn't wearing much but it wasn't like he was in me, yet. I humped him like that letting my hands roam on his chest, and then he took some control. He lifted off my tiny bellyshirt exposing my matching punk lace bra. I blushed and moaned as he pushed his face into my cleavage lettuce his tounge lick the sides of my breasts. He then picked up my right breasted and circles hos tounge around my nipples, and I was hypnotized. I didn't even notice as he pulled down his boxers lettig only my thong stand in the way of getting penetrated. After teasing both my nipples and pinching them so milk was just dripping out of them, he stood up and told me to suck his ****. I hadn't noticed he wasn't wearing any underwear and my mouth dropped as I saw his 9" **** standing fully erect in front of me. I arid as I was told and sucked it letting him press my head into it. Then he told me to get up and take off my skirt. I did and he kneeled down and started to lick my ****. I was surprised because, well, I had never done this before. I moaned and gasped as his tounge went inside me and got my juices and just before I was going to ***, he stopped. I pouted and asked why, ht all he told me to do was stand facing the wall and bend over by the waist. The moment I did he stuck his throbbing **** in me and I held back a scream, and he stayed that way for a moment, letting me get used to the feeling of something in me. Hen he began to slowly slide in and out and I was breathless. As he began to pick up speed my speech was only sounds almost only intakes of breath, and his was the same. I felt my ***** throb as he slid again and again into me, one hand on my hip he other grasping my right breast. Hen he went fey quick and shoved as far in as he could, his balls firm against me, and he realeased his *** in me. Once, twice, three spurts and I fell back onto him and we sat on the ground, his limp **** in me and juices oozing out of the sides of my *****. All he did was turn me around so I was facing him and kissed me then whispered "you let me take you" against my lips. I let ot a small breath and said, "well now that we did it once we can do it all the time baby" and he pulled out of me and I sucked all the juice off of him and he took me home :) what a gentleman. Tell me your thought ;)
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add me I would love to **** you!!!!

Now i need to be your friend.
Good hot way to be taken.
Milky **** then?

Reading your story was hot made me wish I was there and made me wish I was your boyfriend.

Mmmm!nice! Lov to do u lik that everyday! Sound lik u hav a sweet *****!

great story it made me *** lol....

Do you ever take pictures when in passione?


nice erotic story

This is an exceptionally hot story and very well written. Keep 'em coming...or maybe I should I say keep 'em "*******". ;)

Not a bad start,I always love to read about people's first time.

a very hot story,i have a hard on now

Very nice!!!

how bad di you bleed he must have popped your cherry

Im not sure I didn't really focus on it I know I did a lot I guess

the first time is always the best even for a guy

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

Makes me wish it was I sharing your first experience that sounded great!

How long did you have that boyfriend? Who was your second?

My first boyfriend was a guy about 35 years old and he started me on lactating but I dated Sam for about 2 years. I **** him a lot and right now we are in an "open relationship" just started!

"First" time stories are ALWAYS hot, Babe! Thanks for sharing. ;)

Thanks you!