I Lost My Virginity At 15 To A Girl

at the time i was 8 years old i found myself always wanting to kiss a girl when us (kids) used to play sping the bottle.
i have *********** since i was 7 (but just clitorial stimulation never finggering myself) so when i turned 12 i got a laptop of my own so i started to watch ****, but i couldnt stand watching heterosexual **** i dont know why. so i started to watch lesbian ****.
at age 13 i was confinsed that i was bisexual, because i liked boys, i had a couple of ''boyfriends'' (if you can call it like that at that age) but i really wanted to get more sexual with girls than with boys.

so i knew i was bisexual but i didnt told anybody beacuse i didnt had kissed i girl yet. but at age 14 i did. so basically i was out of the closet for everyone. i was really judged and bullied because of it, because at that time i was going into a new school.

so this new girl moved into my neighboor, and slowly we became friends because i was the only girl in a really big group of boys, so i needed a girl around sometimes. (at first i didnt like her not even as a friend)

so she found out i was bisexual and she always kept asking me about. like "how do you know you like girls" ect.
until one day we where going to a party and she said that she wanted to kiss me and i said no, because she had a boyfriend at the time.

months later, at another party we hook up, but just like really hot strong kissing and touching but we didnt get naked or anything.

after that we spent a weekend together at a camp. we wasnt supossed to sleep in the same cabin but she sneaked out to go sleep with me. we slept all cute and cuddle and really romantic but nothing sexual happened.
but i took the chance in that camp to tell her that i really like her and wanted a relationship with her. and she showed me something she had writted saying that she was in love with me.
after the camp we didnt see each other for a couple of weeks until school started. that was going to be "the thinking time" but in that time she got a boyfriend, without even telling me. i got really mad an felt really bad.
but we stayed friends.

She cheated on her boyfriend several times with me. but we never talked about we having feelings for each other again.
until on my 15th birthday we went on a girls night out and after that she stayed over at my house.
and we were in bed ready to sleep when she started "playfully'' to touch my boobs. she was like "omg they are so soft'' and i was like "stop i want to sleep'' but she kept touching my boobs until i was so turned on that i gave up telling her to stop. after a couple o minutes she ask "am i turning you on?'' i looked at her and said "yes'' and she agressivelly pulled me and kissed me. and we started to make out and kiss each other boobs and nipples and the she got her hand in my pants and started rubbing my ****. and then we took our pants of and she did oral to me, and put her finger inside me and then started fingering me with 2 and then 3 fingers. i fingered her too but she didnt let my do much since it was my birthday and she wanted to please me.

it hurted, but it wasnt that bad, is bareble. i dont regret it, its been almost a year since that and we did have sex a couple of more times but never got into a relationship. i have a boyfriend now but at the time i havent had sex with a man yet. we still best friends and see each others everyday, and joke around saying that we are girlfriends and we make out sometimes to tease our others guy friends and make fun of them. but nothing serious. i still think in the future we will continue to hook up sometimes. maybe when i dont have a boyfriend anymore.
samantasolange samantasolange
22-25, F
May 7, 2013