My First Time!!!

So I met Justin when I was 12yrs. but lost touch with him shortly after. In August 2003 when I was 14 I started High school and I re-united with Justin it was surprising I didn't even notice him for like 2weeks!!! Well at the end of September we started dating but that only lasted about 3wks, well after we broke up it didn't bother me much we occasionally talked, In december school got out for Winter Break and I went on and had fun with my break!!! On New Years day me and my cousins were out shopping and we stopped by an old family friends house she was about 23, and really cool I hadn't seen her in a while, well I knocked on her door and to my surprise Justin answered it, apparently his sister was married to Teresas (Old family friend) brother!!!! Unfortunately Teresa wasn't home so me and my cousins decided to wait outside, while we were waiting my cousins kept telling me that Justin would look out the window almost every 5mins, I just blew it off I actually thought it was funny cause when we had broke up he was the one who broke up with me!!!!

Well after that night I started staying at Teresas and Justin and his sister and brother n law were always over there!!! School started on January 4 and I was surprised when Justin came up and started talking to me!!! Well Two days later we got back together the date was January 6, 2004!!! In April I turned 15 and in May I had a Quincenera, On June 10 Justin turned 16 and on June 11, 2004 we went out to the movies well when we got out of the movies we went back to Teresas house and I ended up baby sitting her kids for her to go out!!! One of Justins best friends came over and him and Justin were drinking a little, after a while his friend left to go see his girl and the kids were asleep so me and Justin were pretty much alone!!! Well we started kissing and it got into making out, I was soo scared but one thing led to another and we ended up losing our virginties to each other that night, we had been together for 5mos. and I was scared about it being all he wanted but I was wrong!!!

I don't ever regret losing my virginity to Justing because we are still together today, we have now been together for 4yrs and 11mos. almost 5yrs!!!! We had a daughter on May 2, 2006 one month after I turned 17 and a month before he turned 18!!! We also had a son on January 4, 2008, we have been blessed and I wouldn't change anything about it!!!!

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All lies you can't have a sone if this was posted in December and you had a son in January of the same year

Dat wz wat occurd wen u lost it?

it was ok could have added more details but it was sweet

Sweet story.