It Didn't Last Forever, But It Was Love...

I lost my virginity in the front seat of my boyfriend's truck when I was 15. We were out in the desert making out and we had been together about 6 weeks. We were both virgins and we truly thought we would be together forever.

We really did love each other at the time and we stayed together for 6 more years. We fought a lot and pushed each other away and eventually I think I just stopped loving him, so we broke up.

While it is sad that it ended, I'm really glad I lost my virginity to him, because we really loved each other and that made it a great experience.


lismaraxt lismaraxt
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2 Responses Aug 28, 2009

I'm glad you had such a nice experience :).<br />
I hate hearing people say that it's so wrong to do it at 15 or 16, it's one's own choice and no one knows what's going to happen anyways.

Wow... That's amazing.