Feb. 11th At 11pm 2009

yeah, its been less than a month since i lost my virginity...

He was also a virgin
it was in the basement of his parents house. we were watching a movie, and then first base, second base, and then the 3rd base...

he looked at me and then said "well, how do you feel about sex, that's the only logical step next." (a few days before, i had told my best friend that i no-longer cared about being a virgin).

at first, we attempted on the basement love seat... the chair was awkward... and he said 'well, maybe we could just do this later'... and i was pretty turned off when he suggested that... so i was like 'well, maybe i should just leave now" and he at first was like "well, will i get another chance later?" i told him probably not, b/c i would probably talk myself out of doing something risky like that (im a conservative, quiet like)
and so, he mentioned that we could go into the room beside where the tv and computer stuff was (where the laundry stuff is.... has a lock on the door, easier to get dressed if someone in his family were to come down the stairs).

so, we laid a sleeping bag on the ground, with a pillow in the laundry room.... it was really awkward trying to get his penis to get in the right spot. lol
anyway, finally, he got it in... we did 'it'.... after the deed was done, he looked into my eyes and said "I think i love you".

LOL, btw, that was the first time he told me he loved me


lookinggood4you lookinggood4you
18-21, F
Mar 7, 2009