So Worth the Wait!

 All I can say is it was so worth the wait - my first time was incredible and I was hooked.  The man that made love to me did just that - made love and right up until the very end he was willing to stop but I wasn't - when we had finished - he looked at me and said, "Wow, you didn't say stop!"  To this day, he remembers and so do I and he still says he feels honored!

I wish for everyone to have that kind of 1st experience.  I think waiting, for me, was good, because I knew what I was getting myself into at least consequences-wise, if there were any.  I had NO idea what I was getting myself into as far as the positive side of things - WOW!  That experience has allowed me to look at sex/making love in a much more positive and healthy way.  I know that sex can be wonderful (and making love can be even better!).

DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
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10 Responses Mar 13, 2009

You are right CJ - the right person is worth the wait and sometimes even better BECAUSE of the wait!!

With that special someone love is worth the wait !!!!!!!!! Thanks Dorothy....

Yes you are Meena - when it is the right person and the right time - it will be worth the wait, and if he is the right person, he will be willing to wait until it is the right time for YOU!!

I am doing the right thing by not rushing, i guess! :)

lost mine at 24 jus very recent and it wasn't worth loosing it. u were lucky and i envy u

I would be quite satisfied with petting NOW! LOL!! I miss the days when making out on the couch was as far as things could go - but that's just me - the romantic missing the romance!! Thanks for the comment!

I lost mine at 24. I had opportunities and I think I lost a girlfriend because we didn't go all the way, but looking back I know that I wasn't ready until then. I was slow to mature emotionally and was quite satisfied with petting until I was 24.

Yeah, I am glad that I waited, but I didn't specifically wait for 23 - it just was the right person, the right time and the right circumstances...<br />
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The right person I think was the key!

WOW! That makes me wish I would have waited! I lost mine at 17 and I regret it so bad!

Good for you! So was it specifically being 23, that you were waiting for?