I Lost My Virginity For Money

At 25, being single and never had had a girlfriend, I figured I was closing in on 'the 40yr old virgin'. Well, I'm pretty sure most guys my age would have done it hundreds of times... but to me sex was something that was to be shared with someone u truly love... Unfortunately, I waited all this time, I could never meet someone, who would take that chance on me... 

Last week, I felt so lonely, too depressed to go on like this..  Felt like something was missing in my life... Something that the mere mention of the word is so hyped up by the world, an experience that was shared by everyone else but me... I could not wait any longer.. I needed to know for myself what it felt like to do it.. 

So I ventured out the streets, found a lady, who asked me quite a sum for it.. and did it with her... I guess, I didnt feel much intimacy with her, for I could have done better myself... but, I did it.. 

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Well Enigma vest, yes it seems that I was and you are facing the same dilemma.. My move was not decisive, looking back there were many circumstances that lead to it... <br />
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How do I feel now? well, i feel more confident about approaching a girl, and definitely more higher on self esteem. But, if you are to do it mate, my advise would be to choose the best. By best, i dont mean that she should be prettiest lady around, well she might as well be, but I mean, something you would remember by, with your experience would be different. Looking back on your first such experience, it should be one of bliss, and not regret.. That's what counts..<br />
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However, having said that, there is nothing like having a girlfriends and sharing this experience together.. <br />
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But whatever u decide to do mate... make sure u wear protection.. and dont ever do it without..<br />
Gd luck

Wow, you sound so much like me right now. I've felt so close to doing this myself so many times, and I can't say that I haven't completely ruled it out. Right now it seems like the only way I'm ever going to "do it", despite all of those advising against it. I actually have a small "fund" right now just sitting idle for the time if I ever get the nerve to do it. I don't really want it to come to that, but for someone with such little self-esteem, anything seems better than my current situation.

So sorry your first experience was so void of love and emotion. You'll find the right person or people, just give it time!!