Marlboro's And Flavored Beer

In some circles I guess the title of this group wouldn't really apply, because I had definitely had oral sex before the bath house experience.  But, I still somewhat considered myself a virgin, and in my mind virginity is more mental than physical anyway.

Nonetheless, the story was, I was doing a little bit of solo travelling, reading a novel that is often considered a classic of gay literature--The Front Runner--and feeling quite a bit horny.  Thus, I found a bathhouse in the city I was in, drank a few bottles of flavored beer, smoked a cigarette, and was mentally prepared.  While I may have been a virgin in physical form, I definitely was not a virgin in terms of my views toward sex.  I just wanted a quick something, something so that I could feel like I had done something truly bad, made a bad decision for once in my life.

Anyway, after mentally preparing myself, I took the subway to the place where the club was located, and actually had a bit of trouble finding it, until I saw the characteristic rainbow flag flying outside it's doors.  I passed it by probably about 5 times, walking around the block a couple of times, fearful of the looks the people on the street in the cafe across the way would give me.  Until a rather attractive man rode a motorcycle up to the entrance, took of his helmet, and walked in.  The fear flushed itself away immediately, and the hormones took over.

It felt a little weird stripping completely in the open locker room, but as I was soon to discover, being naked is not something particularly awkward in a bathhouse.  I started off slow, gazing a little at the selection, shall we say, and spending some time in the sauna.  After a few minutes in the sauna, I felt exceedingly hot, so I took a quick dip in the pool, after which I rinsed off.  I passed probably about thirty minutes doing similar things, walking around, just getting a sense of the place.

Eventually, I found myself in the second sauna room, which is more a steam room I suppose.  It is basically a maze of walls creating a room the temperature of the sauna.  It was dark and steam was everywhere, sort of hard to tell whether the men in the corners were ************ or just standing with their hands at their wastes.  Finally, a guy eyed me, I eyed back, and we were quickly stroking each other.  That experience, to be honest, was sort of disappointing.  Lots of making out, lots of stroking, and a third guy who sort of just hovered around awkwardly touching the two of us occasionally.

Later on, however, an infinitely more attractive man passed by, gave me the signalling touch, and we were quickly upstairs to one of the neon-lit sex rooms.  I don't know about going into the details of how this happened, but suffice it to say, he was surprisingly gentle, and he preferred the bottom position which was perfect for me.  Finally, after about 20 minutes at it, and after finding that (probably due to the alcohol) I wasn't going to be able to come a second time, we relaxed and finished up.  He smoked Marlboro's, just like me, but after a cigarette I quickly got up, put on my towel, and shot out the door.  About 30 seconds later, I was turning in my locker key, and soon on my metro ride home.  So all in all, my first time was with a hot guy in a bathhouse, and now I can say that I have truly done something that I don't want my friends or family to know.  That's what anonymous confessions are for, right?
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I would.

whould you do it again?