Dante's Second Level: A Church Bathroom

Im just going to say it straight (ha!) I lost my virginity in a catholic church.

I went to fairly large public school in an area that was mostly baptist and christian, with me being one of the christians. There were a few roman catholics and one happened to be my best friend, Andy. From age of 7 up to 16 we were always together, we even went to each others religious services every other week. When we were 15 I came out to him. He was very accepting and even went out and bought things he thought were sterotypical gay guy things (anyone else would have thought he was being an *** but I knew him and I appreciated it).

One day we were just hanging out and we stopped outside his church. Andy said he had to go in for a second and I went with. We were the only ones except for the newest priest, we'll call him Br.David for now. He was the youngest one there and he was almost by defualt the best looking. He was maybe in his early thirties, about 5'9", had dirty blond hair, and almost carmel colored eyes. From the first moment I saw him I knew I was hooked (who wouldn't be?). That day we walked in and saw him he wasnt dressed like a priest, he had regular pants and a regular top and I almost didnt recognize him. Andy asked if he could look something he thought he left behind and ran off to the balcony seats. I was only alone with Br.David for no more than two mintues before I felt my face go hot and I ran off after Andy. I think Br.David asked me something but to this day I cant remember what, all I could hear while I was standing there was my own heart beat pounding in my ears.

I got to the top of the stairs and stopped to let the beating in my ears die down and my heart to slow back to normal. I didnt even notice Andy until he said "you know you could to hell for that, right?" He laughed but quickly stopped when I guess he saw the panic in my face. I ran to the bathroom and once again tried to catch my breath and let my heart settle. Andy caught up with me and we both stod there for a while not saying anything. Once silence became too akaward he said he was only joking and asked me to tell him about it, he thought it would make me feel better. I couldn't help myself, I let it all out, every last bit of romantic and depraved thought I had about Br.David. By the end I was feeling out of breath again and before I could say anything else Andy kissed me.

If I thought I was out of breath before...after that kiss I was light headed, dizzy, and really confused. We said nothing but began kissing again. I swear it was a movie moment, you know one of those moments you think only happens in the movies. We said nothing but just let our bodies do what they were going to do. When it was over everything was over. Apperntly Br.David heard enough of what went on in that bathroom that we asked to not return until saturday or sunday confessions, Andy went but I didnt, in fact I stopped going to church with him after that. He and I didnt hang out as much but everytime we did see each other he made it a point to ask if I would being going to church with him again (***!).
sweet90revenge sweet90revenge
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Jan 22, 2013