Lost Mine To 2 At Once

We had been looking at dirty mags i found of my brothers and the topic of sex finally overcame us all and my sister's friend told my sister that if my sister had sex with me she would too
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so very badly tried to

your sis sounds really cool, i wish i could have met her and "played" too. tell more of what happened.

soo coool..feel like having sex


did she have a reputation at school

did she have a reputation at school

i never watched her do anyone else i just know she did

how many others was she ******* and did you watch

yes almost bare and she was very ready....yes she did others

did she **** others as well?

right in front of the living room door with my dad coming home from church anytime

yes she did...and she was on the shot thing so she didnt get preg

i was 15 her 13<br />
yes all through our teens and early 20's<br />
yes there was alot of ***<br />
and she mentioned it alot we both did