I Lost My Virginity To A Prostitute

i've had severe social phobia ever since high school and severe obsessive thoughts since 18. i've also suffered depression since 13-14. as a result i've struggled with work, finding it difficult to go to work or hold down a job for longer than 6 months. i never went socially out during my high school years and after leaving high school at 18 i've not had a social life at all. i've never set foot in a nightclub, had a girlfriend or ever been kissed.

at 30 i was in ajob that due to my social phobia i was struggling top cope with, ( i walked out after a few months, couldn't get on with people like any normal person can). there was a guy there used to rib me about my complete lack of a love life. it was pretty obvious i was a virgin. i'd had enough of being embarresed about still being a virgin so i decided to go to a prostitute, although i wouldn't admit to anyone that this was how i'd had sex.

i went to a brothel after dark and had 1/2 an hour with a woman calling herself christina. she was the first naked woman i'd ever set eyes on . she gave me oral, let me finger her, stroke and suck her breasts and relieved me by hand.

later that week i visited another brothel and paid for sex with a girl called sam. i sucked her breasts and this time i had full sex for the first time. it felt very different to doing it myself and i didn't climax inside her. she finished me by hand.

a couple of days later i visited another prostitute at yet another brothel . this time i had full sex with her and came inside her lady bits. i can't remember what name she used for herself. i felt uncomfortable with her and wouldn't go down on her. but i had finally lost my virginity and know when anyone at work asked me if i was still a virgin i could so no and be telling the truth so that embarresment was gone.

none of these encounters were very erotic and this isn't something i'm proud of. at 36 years of age now i'm still little further advanced in making a go of my life but fully intend to solve my problems

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I understand your experience completely.