This Shouldn't Have Happened But It Did

i was 13 when it happened. at school i learnt and became very good at rugby to the point where i was helping instruct pupils younger than me, afterwards concentrating on my own training needs, this was quite useful as i didnt have to use the communal showers, i was given full access to the teachers changing room which had it's own shower.

it was late in the year and late in the day i had just finished a heavy training session and was showering myself off when suddenly the shower curtain was pulled back and there in front of me was one of the female gym instructors( i went to a mixed school) with a little mumbling and flushed cheeks i apologised and said i would get out to which she replied no need i will join you. now even if i say so myself i am not a small fellow when it comes to the trouser department and being a young virile man obviously i was soon aroused and this was very noticable. i am not going to go into a lot of detail but lets just say i lost my cherry that day and kept having meetings with the afoementioned teacher until she left the school 1 year later. do i regret it ? no. did it scar me ? no.

if any-one feels the need to ask me any questions please feel free i will answer 100% honestly.

englishshrek englishshrek
41-45, M
Dec 8, 2009