Memorial Day Weekend

I met him several months ago. We were both very attracted to each other but we agreed not to be in a relationship or fall in love...aside from our blossoming friendship, it was purely a sexual thing. After a few weeks though, he asked if I wanted to be his girl, and I agreed in the spur of the moment. I thought nothing of it, until I went up north with him on Memorial Day Weekend. I lost my virginity to him and had sex with him four times in that three day weekend. After returning home, my cell phone broke and my internet connection died, so I had no way of contacting him for about a month. When I finally did get my phone and access back I was excited to see him, excited to continue in the relationship. Instead I was surprised to find that he was not at all interested in me anymore, and had hooked back up with his abusive ex, who he claims "was the only girl he ever really loved". I tried not to be disappointed - after all, we were just friends with benefits, right? Nevertheless, I look back at that weekend and consider it the best weekend of my life. I think of his tender touch, the way he looked at me with sincerety, spoke with honesty, and although the sex and the experiences were far from bad, I regret it. In the rush to lose my virginity I never considered for a moment that it would affect me like this. I'm positive that I'll get over it, but its taught me not to get attached in flings of a purely sexual nature.
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Yes, he did, and he was excited about being my first too. I suppose you're right about regrets; it's better than, say, with a complete stranger. It may not be a long term relationship, but I had a great time with him, despite how he acts towards me now.

Great story, but don't regret it. It was going to happen sooner or later.<br />
Did he know he was your first?