I was 13.
Went to my boyfriend-at-the-time's house we were on his bed sitting watching Larry the cale guy health inspector.
We kissed once then he started touching me,
"No please im not ready."
"Awh come on baby"
he puts his hand down my pants,
"NO STOP!" i tried to get away was he was undoing my pants and i hit my head hard on the wall i passed out.
woke up. as he was puting my pants on, i felt pain extreme bad pain.
Looked at him with tears and asked him what he had done his reply
"I made you feel good baby."
cried as i ran out asking his parents to take me home.
Silence and horrible pain.
i told his parents and they put him in juvy.
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I hope he rots

thank you. i too lost my virginity in this horrible way. i wish i can put into words this horror that i feel but it can't .

Your the bravest out of all, people should not be allowed to get away with this stuff. Bless you. I know it doesn't mean much.

You told his parents, witch Was the beset possible thing you could have done. If enough people tell you this, it will sound fake
Don't forget
All the people in the world

yes you are a good girl, you done the right thing by telling his parents.

I would apologise on behalf of all men, but unfortunately not all would see anything wrong with this. Best I can say is I'm truely disgusted and on behalf of the better men of this world are sorry you and all women have to endure this sort of thing.



@ Theanimal1<br />
**** U, U ******* *****! u think u could just say whatever u want?! HUH?!!!! <br />
Burn in hell

I would welcome any message from you. Thank you. I am open to discuss anything you would like.

Ive seen your identical posts to discuss this sort of thing with others. You give me the creeps.

Why do I give you the creeps .... I didn't get you ... what are you trying to say!!!!

Why would I give you the creeps .... I didn't get you ... what are you trying to say!!!!

There saying your a stalker an trying to pray on other people you are what they call a chicken hawk an should be removed from this website an banned from it for good u sick o. So i hope i am wrong but if i am not i have no issues in reporting your name to the police as well this website. Your to old to talking to minors that age anyways. An if u never been raped or attached i suggest u cancel your account on here an move on.

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Hi I'm Mezniquee Mattis & I'm so sorry what happen to you. There is still time to gain back power within it all. I'm the host of vir?gin sex 101 after dark on blog talk raido & you can catch up with me at check them out you always have a safe home there.

Meggie Meggie Meggie I'm going to be the next guy that rapes you cause this time your not going any were I'm going to use you as my sex doll every day any time I'm hard

think this is funny? you try going through it and then we will see who is laughing this is not a joke site so screw away perv nolife you sign up on this site to make fun of people who go through pain..lifes no joke so grow up and fall back off her before you get whats coming for you:)

Thank you lovebear5 and pervert, I think I will not!!! I'm no ones sex doll!!!!

(I know I'm very late but still) Yes Meggiebear! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

i would love to to ;)

Do u think that's funny?

Cayden987: First, if your joking your not funny. Second: you'll never get her . And regardless your so called knowledge when someone goes thru this , you don't re-act by saying **** like that . Cause now your just acting like the douche bag who did it , so get a life .

thanks ItsValDoeee(:

He raped her I would rape her to

Your actually so stupid , like get a life , your just as bad as this douche bag who did it , if that flatters you , then clearly you have no life or self-knowledge .

I really also hope you didn't suffer any serious trauma. By anyway, if you still have nightmares and are broken emotionally -- you need someone to consult. It can be either the counselor or the community of rape survivors (some of them are even anonymous). And you do need someone you can trust and someone you can tell everything. Tell your pain.<br />
Just one more advice. Yes, it is really extremely hard to remind it again and again, but please remember -- the more you speak about it the less it hurts. I mean speak to the trusted one almost every detail, many times. It does help.

Thank you so much i really aprreciate your comment than you so much and i might look into that:)

For Starters Maggie u can click on the posts that are being posted an it gives u options i just flagged the Mentally challenged people an there idle threats. An reported them for what they are quoting someone elses words true douche bags. Its okay tough if i remember correctly ep reports that kind of stuff to the police so will see if those people think its funny when there local police show up at there door an ask them if they thinks funny as there cuffing them an locking them up for a while. Time heals all wounds but you will never really recover from a rape longless a rape that intense. Remember Your parents love u no matter what an keep moving forward lives to short not to.