Taken From My Dad..

I have had trust issues since I was 10 only because my dad raped me. I was in our pool swimming and he came in with me, but he was naked. I said daddy where are your pants he said dirty. I didn't think anything of it until he came over to me taking off my bathing suit..He said I didn't need it and it was better naked. Then he started to rub on my vagina saying this is just a game. Then he became hard as I could see under the water. He then grabbed me and carried me onto our covered and screened porch, and he put his penus right in me. I started to cry and say it hurt but he kept going and then I saw alot of blood on his lap, and pointed it out but he kept going and going. I told my mom about it recently and she doesn't believe me..he still comes in my room every once in a while a night and touches me.
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Tell the police, I believe you. Your dad is a very sick person, and you'd be dumb not to tell.

I agree. You got to muster courage and tell your closest friend and police

Why it always at the pool my rape was after the pool but it started long before that the watcher again why is the watcher in this story the watcher is the devil inside of a humans the watchers watches evil and lets it concur people

I'm sorry to hear that sweetie :( If you ever need someone to talk to I am ALWAYS here.

Sorry you are hurting and being hurt I was in your shoes 9-14 its not fun I told at 15 you need to tell for your own peace of mind you can be a survivor like many are your not alone

Awh, poor you. :(
I was molested at the age of 7-10 by my own cousin. Maybe I'll tell the story later.
I wasn't raped.

You need to tell someone. The longer you wait the worst it can get. You've already been through so much as a child, please don't make it worse. Talk to a teacher, counsler, doctor, or call a 1-800 number.

Used -you are a child and your father is abusing you sexually-he is committing a crime-a felony. The first thing you need to do is report it. If you call the police department just tell them about what is happening to you. This will probably result in your being removed from the home ubtil a safe place can be assured with other family or a foster arrangement. Get out now and stop it baby-- you can tell any responsible adult but the fastest response should be from the police- do it sweety. Don't continue to be a victim.

Please speak with ur school counsellor, teacher or a doctor. I know it's scary to report this, but know that u have every right to be in a safe environment n ur home is not safe. Protect urself, reach out for help - do whatever it takes. Call the police, show up at the hospital... Tell someone that u trust.
Please take care.

i can understand your feelings that what do you think about your dad but i think u should take a enjoye with your dad now . becouse its have in your owen home .you should accpet your dad night life . becouse if you protect your dad and inform your police aouthourity then your family life can be damege and your father will have to go in jail .then what will you do in your future life ? i think it will be very bad for each person of your family .so you should change your think about your dad and do behave like as a boyfriend in only night .

Are you NUTS? This girl has a serious problem. Her dad is acting disgusting and you're telling her to just let it go on? How would you feel if your dad was doing that to you? Usedmylife, seriously, go to the cops. Go to the teachers. Go to your close friends. Don't let your dad do this to you!! It's horrible! It could ruin your life!!

Never , never , never just agree to be abused- not your father or anyone else has the right to use you this way- it is a crime

Yea course he does

OMG HOW COULD...I MEAN...WHAT...I can't even describe what I've just read...

Please tell someone at school maybe like a really close female teacher she culd help you

Please come to the police.

I'm very sorry to know that......I would welcome any message from you. . I am open to discuss anything you would like.

What you need right now is evidence. Perhaps get a video recorder in your room and keep it on for a night, or perhaps a voice recorder beneath your pillow. Although emotional healing is important, the biggest problem you face right now is bringing a sexual offender into the sight of authorities. It obviously is not your fault, don't even bother yourself with such silly thoughts. The important thing right now is, unfortunately, not to talk about the problem, but to instead take action, and provide a solution.

wow ok...<br />
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Disregard blasphemeous, he is crazy. His name says it all. this is all about you.Both your parents should be arrested, your dad for raping you and your mom for not believing you and therefore not protecting you. Tell someone who will help you.

Oh my God, did you get that bastard arrested or anything? If your mother won't believe you, go to the police, go to the hospital. There are always people who will help.

Well now that it has happen and your mother has chosen to believe him. You now have to use your own POWER TO WIN. Here is what you do. Save your money and buy yourself a digital recorder. Have it close to the area that he always violates you. When you hear him coming into your room be sure to cut it on. Now when he starts to do anything don't be afraid to say something. Say this to him "Daddy when you do this to me do you love me more." Let him speak and whatever sounds that are picked up will be on the recorder. YOU HAVE TO USE YOUR POWER TO WIN. YOU HAVE ALL YOU NEED TO SHOW THEM YOU ARE PROTECTED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE TO STOP IT YOURSELF. DON'T BE AFRAID...THAT IS WHAT HE WANTS...<br />
Your mother has her own issues and needs him to feed her insecurities. She is not strong enough to do what she should do. She loves you but she needs to love herself more...You can teach her how to love herself be doing what I suggested and getting proof so you can SHUT IT DOWN

Omg, thats terrible, you should tell someone or punch that ***** in the face && tell him to **** off :)

blasphemeous shut the **** up you don't know what you are talking about, or anything for that matter, and what are you doing on this site anyway? you are just another heartless bastard pervert that needs to stop ******* of your grand parents and get into the real world.