Someones Toy At 10 Years Old

my mom disappeared one day leaving a note that my dads reads all the time saying to act just like she and do whatever daddy wants however he wants to. I was confused and couldnt concentrate at school. The day i got my report card card i came home and gave it to my dad and he said that i was useless and me going to school was a waste of time and he knew better things i could do. So he pulled me out of school and put me in home school but he never taught me anything except pain fear agony. He asked me if i could do what mommy letter said and said of course i can whatever mommy says im a big girl. It started easy just cleaning the house and then he started making me wear short dresses with no panties then nothing at all. One night when i was headed for bed he said go to sleep in his bed and he would teach me something new that mommy did that i didnt know so i did. He finally came up hours later and he was totally nude he said get out of bed and on your knees. he said mommy did this every night. He stuck his penis in my mouth and kept stabbing my throat til i felt something warm and he told me to swallow it. The he told me to lay in bed with my legs up he played with my private area for a minute then put something on it tht was cold then got warm and he put his penis there and i felt a real bad pain and screamed. He slapped and said mommy never screamed so shut up. I thought i was making mommy proud by doing these things thats what he led me to believe. So we would make horrible painful "love" every night. every night the same mouth me laying down on my back the stomache then bent over it never got easier one night he said im wanna try something and if your good at it ill make you some money he said mommy would be proud i said ok. Well he stuck in my but and it just felt my stomache exploded and my back broke i fell flat and said great they like it better that way and the pain just worst and he wouldnt let me up. he finally finished i couldnt get up it hurt so bad. he said your good i can quit my job your the money maker now. Then he would do me all day while i was cleaning the house and have other guys come over and rape me all day and just kept saying mommys proud this went on til i got pregnant at 11 then after the baby was born right after the baby was born it started back up he gave it up for adoption cuz it was a boy i didnt have time to heal they would just rape me through the blood and everything. and just kept going and going and going id get pregnant more guys would come i started having sex with 3 guys at once they would both stick their stuff in my in vagina at the same time dad said they couldnt touch the but tht was his and he didnt want it stretched.and they would do this til right as the baby was coming out then go to the hospital. when i was 14 he put me on birth control and after my 7th kid got my tubes tied. he would sit back and make money while i got got molested and raped all day then i take a shower and make love to him at night. im 18 now im forever scared and no man will want me so i just sit here and get raped and molestred everyday. My dad asked if was gonna move out. i said whats the point from i know my body is ****** up that no will want me and if they do they wont be able to get any pleasure out me. he actually dont make as much money cuz the guys say im warn out.
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Oh my god. You need to call the police, get an education!! Don't worry, just make sure your excuse of a father goes to jail. That's illegal. Don't lose hope. Don't give up.

Where was ur mom during all this

I'm sorry 2 hear every word of your story. This is just ridiculous. U should move out of ur dad's house jus to prove to yourself that you r worth sumthing. I kno this is a vulgar statement but plenty of girls started "Giving" it up at that age and unless they tell a guy he won't know the difference. The vagina acts as a rubber band. It can b stretched to unbelievable limits but will "snap" back to original size and shape over time of celebacy. Now let's examine a rubber band. The only time a rubber band is no longer stretchable is when it's worn out. Due to exposure 2 hear or sun. Or wear n tear from prolonged use. U seem to fit the latter but u r still human. Ur body heals even when u don't know it. Even when you sleep. Just leave. Don't give up hope babe. U can b a success story. U jus gotta b willing 2 leave ur dad.

i have left and now im on the streets looking for work and trying to make it on my own

I bet you have a good hubby and adopt kids one day.

I hope it gets better 4 u. I really do.

Keep on fighting, ur going to make it, go to ur local government sign up for public assistance, while u search for work, then re- enroll in school, trust me u can do it, empower urself, and show that useless piece of sh*t that u made it without him

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yea im serious

WOW....You can't be shellzz said...Speechless!!!!