I'll Never Get It Back

I'm 17 and my virginity was stolen from my by a complete stranger. I was at a friend's bonfire party. I was feeling moody and was tired of all the noise, so I decided I'd go for a walk around the neighbor hood. My friend and I had walked the neighborhood countless times before so I saw no danger in the situation. There is a pond at the front of the neighborhood I love to sit by so that's where I headed. I laid down on the grass mulling some things over in my head. I heard a noise so I looked up and saw a hooded figure standin over me. He said hi and sat down and I didn't care cause I figured he was from the party. My friend had invited a lot of people and she let friends invite friends so I didn't know everyone there. I went back to my thoughts but he interrupted and started talkin to me. Dumb things about the weather and the news. I didn't really pay attention. Then he started to try and flatter me and I could smell the alcohol on his breath and hear his slurred speech. Being the dumb person that I am I took no fear away from his drunken state. I was being a fool, listening to his complements. I didnt often get complements from guys so I was a little stunned. But then he started to. Get gross. Said he'd always wanted to **** a red head and asked to see my "red carpet". I told him to **** off and to leave me alone and I got up to leave and he grabbed me and was whispering in my face that I was a dirty ***** and I should let him **** me. I managed to break free, I hadn't realized how big he was until that moment but he grabbed me again and started to strangle me. I tried so hard to get his hands off my neck but I couldn't and he got me to the ground and pinned me by the throat with one hand and I still couldn't get it off and I couldnt breath or scream and I could feel his hands at my waist. I stopped struggling with his fingers to stop him from removing my pants but then my vision started to blacken and I got scared so I brought my hands back to my neck. He got my clothes off and was laughing at me as I was struggling with his hand and trying to move my legs out from under his. He kept telling me I was a weak little ***** and I deserved what was happening. He got me fully exposed and tried to thrust in but he didn't fit and I felt the tearing. It hurt so bad. But then he tried again and again and finally got in. I felt like I was being ****** with a knife. His hand was still squeezing my throat and I was pinned under his bulk. He kept thrusting and thrusting and I thought it would never end. My body started responding and I hate it for that. He kept squeezing my throat harder and harder and eventually I did pass out. I woke up and he was gone as was my underwear. I was bleeding a lot and I Saar there for a while and cried. I walked back to my friends house said good bye and drove home. I wore turtle necks until the bruising went away. I told no one until three months later. My therapist is still one of very few people that know. I never saw the guys face and I just wanted to forget about it so I told no one. This all happened in October 2011.
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This is a serious crime that was committed . The perpetrater ought to be behind bars which would also prevent him from doing it again . I can understand why you wouldn't want to go to the Police but if you could find the courage who knows , the thought that he could be caught and brought to justice might provide you with some consolation.

i feel really sorry about it, god bless you and let it go, i believe everything will be fine.

This really sucks. I can't imagine having an experience like this.

I'm really glad you can't imagine it and I pray you never will be able to

Feel ashamed that I am a man too ...<br />
<br />
Such people should be hung by their testicles!<br />
<br />
May God give you strength to overcome this .. take care!

I am so sorry :( ******** like this guy honestly deserve to die and rot in hell.

im with u on that he sold be killed over and over for ever