We Were Both Children

He & his friends took me behind our elementary school. They knew exactly where the teachers patrolled. I was pushed down onto my hands & knees, & with his friends watching he raped me. 
To him it was just another way to humiliate & bully me. Every time he could get me alone on the playground or in the hallway, he'd do it again. I was so terrified of my own shadow from the years of bullying & abuse I had already taken, that I never told. 
To this day, that year haunts me & I will never "get over it" or "move on" from it. The scars are there, deep inside & they rip open to bleed from time to time. 

"Everyone you meets comes with some kind of baggage ~ Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack it... Or at the very least, will help you carry it from time to time." 

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I feel sorry for you. I am Anhedonic and Schizophresic. But i don't know how you feel.

we had both raped as children but that morning of 8 thgrade grauationa nd we were playing around in bed with each other we forgot all about thhe rapes as we played and we pushed our odys to the point they just took over and it was great then we told her mother and grand parenst what we had done and they kissd us and said it was ok<br />
<br />
but i have beenliving withher for a few months and we loved each other we spent all out time with each oother between home school and work and we were safe we could not have children <br />
<br />
and we married at 13 but most thought we were all ready married as we got made a a school nurse and summer school and she hand me my ring and she put both hers on<br />
<br />
we never looked back till her death at age 19