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Nightmares And Memories

I think about what happened and I dream about it. It won't get out of my head. I have a boyfriend and the images intrude our love making. I am tainted. I'm not sure why he wants me. But he is so gentle and understanding. He never pushes me. So why can't I move past what happened? Why is that stranger still raping me every night in my dreams?
ginger1776 ginger1776 18-21, F 2 Responses May 21, 2012

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It was a traumatic experience. You can just move on. I think, just absorb it. Don't try and forget it. Because you can't. Just let it hover around. Do other things. New things. Cool things. Fun things! Go on a date night with your boyfriend. Go to the beach. Go shopping with your friends. Try sushi, or snails, have you tried them? See if you can cancel it out. But, it was sad, and I'm very sorry. Big hugs. x

It's f*#cking hard, to try and come to terms with what happened. It wasn't you're fault and you have gotta forgive yourself. It is an awful thing to go through, but we survived. Hope you find some peace, I don't all the time, and am coming too realise that the hurt never really goes away, you just have to accept it, or it will drive you crazy.