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1 Year Anniversary...

Its been a year since that ******* took away something that i can never get back. it was 2am and i let him into my house. he said he wanted to help me feel better. i thought he meant talking like we usually did. no. he pushed me down, took my clothes off and held me down as he began to assult me. when he was through, he left. i crawled upstairs crying, too afraid to tell my parents what had happened. i cant stop thinking about it...i havent been the same since. im afriad constantly now, especially tonight.

EDIT 9/5/12: my parents found out a month later when i overdosed and had to be sent to the ER again. they called in the police and a special rape counselor to talk to me in the hospital that same day. i refused to say who did it because i didnt want anyone to ever know and i didnt want to the person to be angry at me and do it again. he was over 18.
strugglingteen strugglingteen 16-17, F 5 Responses Aug 29, 2012

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Report it to your parents now and report it to the police. It wasn't your fault and never ever think it was. Take good care and protect yourself.

Struggling Teen,<br />
<br />
Don't read any more enewell replies. I believe your story and do not think you are at fault.<br />
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I think men who rape/molest should have their testicles and penis cut off with a dull knife with no Novocain. After the amputation they should be stitched so they don't die, it is important they live out their shame. Then they should have molester or rapist burned into their for head so everyone knows. Those who support rape and blame the victims should have the same thing done, this way they cannot reproduce their worthless kind.<br />
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Women who falsely accuse men of rape should have their breast cut off, clitoral circumcision done, and then liar burned into their for head. This should also go for women child molesters. I think this would completely cure the problem.

Struggling teen,<br />
<br />
I am a 37 year old male. I was anally raped by an older man when I was six, and molested three times by another male when I was nine. I was molested by two separate female baby sitters from 9 to 11. Perpetrators, whether male or female need to be held accountable. When I was 17 I entered rehab for alcohol abuse. I let the secrets out to my counselors and then family. They were all held accountable and punished for their crimes. I was told by family not to focus on them and move on with my life which I have, but it still effects me to this day. The greatest thing though is I no longer carry this horrible fear with me. It was like these people had some kind of control over me I could not describe. Today I could introduce my molesters and rapist with no shame, guilt, or anger. I could say, This is Tim Wedern from Red Wing MN who molested me when I was a boy and feel strong and confident without this strange feeling that they still have control over me. Talk about your rape to the authorities, counselors, psychologists, religious leader (if you have one, if not no big deal, trust me). If anyone tells you to keep quiet, look them in the eye and tell them to **** off! You will hear people say stupid things like forgive this person and other bs like that. This is pure crap. This person raped you and he will do it again to you and for sure other girls and maybe even men. The men and women who violated me will do it again and society needs to be warned. My counselors told me sex offenders do not get better, they just keep on doing what they do. I do not know if this is true or not, but I do trust my counselors I had and believe them. The best thing to do is label this person who raped you and at the very least stand up for yourself and ask for support. Tell your parents and then contact the sexual assault hot line in your area. I can tell you this also. I have two young daughters and if they were raped, I would want to know immediately, even if they waited to tell me I'd understand, but your father deserves to know. I would never want my daughters or my nieces to hold in what some piece of **** did to them. Don't protect this *******, let it be known.

I also was raped by my uncle and he never ever did any time and my father said I deserved it . A child of 5 years old doesn't deserve that. It was my father's brother.

That no good for nothing...I'm sorry that happen to u but his *** will get wts coming to him one day. I almost wish the ppl who rape ppl whould just die cuz I hate rape the freaking much.Nobody needs to get rape and I man nobody. Keep ur head up always be strong sorry that happen to u once again

i know it hurts but you should have told and i wish people would stop using the word rape for that <br />
<br />
that is action that is exiaual assuld and is a crime