Never Though It Would Happen

It was only a few months ago in December when it happened. I was 12 but i am now 13. Me and this boy i knew from school planned to have sex. Right now i am at the peak of puberty. At the time i had raging hormones, giving BJ's to random guys and flashing my breasts to people. It was December 4th whennit hapoened. Around Noon. The guy lived about 5 minute walk up the street from me. We had agreed to do it in an abandoned house. I met him at the house and we snuck in through the window. He told me to take my clothes off but at that moment, I had decided not to do it anymore. I told him no but he was atleat 3 years older than me so he was incredibly strong. He forcedd me on the floor and he proceeded to stealing my virginty from me. An hour later he left me, bleeding, torn clothes, and unconcious. I woke up 2 hours later and i limped home. My mom and dad were at work at the time so i didnt tell anyone about it.
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hey perv5, she said no. No means no. It was rape
I am so sorry this happened to you sweetheart. I am praying for you.

eeeyup.. this is exactally why i make my 11 year old stepsister carry a knife everywhere she goes.

You should tell some one sweet heart! Nevermind that *** hole. He probly comes on here to get off on girls rape storys and gets pissed off caz he wants to rape girls.