Never Trust A Doctor

I was 11 when i went for my cheekup at school. we had to go in the room one by one at a time. l was the first to went in, the doc (guy) asked me to take off all my cloths. he told me that he was going to cheek if my breast & vagina was OK. l reluctantly take off my cloths. he told me to lie down on the bed. when l did, he touched my breast and pulled down his pants. l saw his penis, it was black and long. he sticked it into my vagina. after like 10 minutes, he took out his phone and started taking photos of me. he warned me if l ever told this to anyone, he would post this on the lnternet. l wore my cloths and went out of the room.
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you actually sound like you were okay with it

No one is okay with being hurt like that and tell me something all those who don't believe her What would u do if someone hurt u and then people wouldnt believe u?I no what It's like to be hurt like that i no what it feels like more than most ever should and i no what it feels like when people don't believe u..5947j keep ur head up and dont let anyone tell u it was ur fault..u were never at fault..if u ever need to talk u can message me..they always threaten u but if he ever put it on the internet he would loose everything so if that's all that's keeping u from telling someone u would say something..I no the shame is hard to deal with and It's all entirely ur decision..I never told anyone about what happened to me..but that was my choice to help keep myself safe and to keep from hurting people around me..but don't let who hurt u control who u are u are ur own person so hang in there

This sounds like a *****