He Lied-

When I was 12, this guy named "Harold" (no real names) told me he really liked me. He begged me to come to my house & I always told him no..
He always touched my butt at school. He was only 15.
I've only told two people about this, I feel gross if I tell people. I'm afraid I'll look like a *****.
but he found out where I lived, I was asleep in my room. I heard banging on my window, but I ignored it. The next thing I knew my mom was gone & my moms boyfriend left also. so I was home alone. They left the back door unlocked & I woke up to him touching me & rubbing me. I started screaming & at first he just used his fingers to get into me.
I started punching him, & kicking. so he layed ontop of me, & got both of his hands & held my arms down. He was way stronger than me so I just kept screaming. The next thing I knew, I was being raped by this guy who tried to be such a gentleman to me. I started to bleed & I was crying so hard I couldn't cry anymore. After he was done, he left & I couldn't do anything but cry. I didn't tell anyone..
I knew if I really wanted to give the guy I was inlove with my virginity, he would think I was a ***** & that I lied.
So I just try not to love now..
I haven't seen Harold since then, he moved schools & everything. He also told everyone at the school I went to I willingly had sex with him.
I got called all kinds of names for that, I've never had closure from this problem though & I still don't know how to deal with this.
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the only way you can wk thru this is to talk to a rape crisis councilor...dont try to bury it ...and no matter what open up and dont let anyone play you...the rest of your life is in your ability to process this and move on..

I wish I had told. I didn't know it was wrong until I was older. It has haunted me since then. Don't let your happiness be ruined by this. More guys than you think are understanding about things like this. Don't hold back on love because it is such a wonderful feeling. I hope you resolve this soon. Everyone deserves to experience love. Good Luck, Bree.

Don't deal with it, Just call the cops and bust the guy for Rape, Obviously it's illegal . Don't wait, do it now.