I was the goody good virgin till marriage type. My entire life changed with one walk home. I was attacked and gangraped by three men. They stole my innocence and left me broken. I became.promiscuous because I hated myself. I felt like a ***** so I acted like one. Plus it was easier to give it away then for a guy to just take it anyway. Being raped changed me I'm not that same girl anymore. My eyes were opened to the cruel world of violence and pain....the world was no longer safe and beautiful. I still can smell the alcohol on their breaths. I can still feel the blood running down my thighs. The horrible words whispered in my ear still haunts my dreams. I still cannot wear a watch, bracelet or have anyone touch my wrist without sending me into a panic attack. It has been years and it gets easier to live with. But we can never forget. I can only pray that with time this pain can feel like a distant memory......still around and never forgotten. But hope the pain no longer affects me everyday.
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Oh, Sweetie. What a horrible thing to happen to such a young woman. One walk home has broken your plans for the future, and now you have to put the broken pieces together again. Someone's stupidity and cowardice now force you to deal with a great deal of pain and anguish through no fault of your own. Be well and take heart, dear. As you have found, time does heal wounds, though scars will remain.

very perceptive Lion and you a guy tooo!

My sympathies for the tragedy. You might already know what I am about to tell you ... Giving in to some other person because it's easier will make you relive the tragedy. It takes a lot of courage and will power to share such an incident. I understand you are hurt beyond my imagination and I can only pray for you and wish you success in your future endeavors.


This story hurts my heart.