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I Didnt Know At The Time

I was in first grade at the time. My step brother kept touching me inapropiatly and it soon started to get worse from there. He shoved me in the closet and ripped my clothes off and he forced himself in me till he was finished. He did this to me for years till i moved out my dads house. He stopped when i was in fourth grade. I am not in tenth grade. I just came out about it to my family. I reported it to the police but they gave up without even telling me. In eight grade i started cutting. i get night mares every night. i dont sleep at night because of what happened.
nonperfectgirl101 nonperfectgirl101 13-15, F 2 Responses Nov 4, 2012

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You need to think of tomorrow not yesterday. When I was younger than you I was being beaten & sexually abused by step father & his friends. An uncle found out stopped the beatings but then one day when was 10 told me I needed to thank him. You have to believe in yourself & be strong Life for you will get better. Anytime you wanna talk shout me xx

just know one thing that you survived the actual experience and youare being very brave in telling he story for a start !!! and there are counsellors on the phone that you can ring anytime day or night about these things. Just remember you are a survivor and you have your whole future ahead of you. My wife is a survivor of a rape and she is doing well and it wasn't all that long ago. At night when you sleep just tell yourself they are nightmares or bad dreams and are not real because at the time of the dream they are not. look forward to better things in life and try and focus on that. Good luck and I really do hope you will do well, you just have to think about a positive future.