Big Houses Are Bad.

I've never told anyone. Don't suppose this really counts to be honest since I'm not really telling anyone I'm just posting my story. Nobody will ever know it was me....

The first time I was 12. I used to go to this dance school on Saturdays and Thursdays, I was pretty good to. There was an older girl who helped out I think she was maybe 17. Her mother was friends with mine so after the dance lesson I would end up going over to their house because my mom was busy and there was no one to look after me.
So I would sit and watch films while I waited for my mom to come pick me up at first. Nobody really spent any time with me until the daughter's boyfriend came over - he was older, not quite sure how old but he had really bad stubble, that I remember.
They started paying attention to me, watching films and playing games. Anyway she left the room - probably to go to the bathroom or something I don't really remember. I was sat on the floor, he pushed me down and pinned me there on my stomach. I used to wear skirts back then, and he put his hands on me. He didn't stop when she came back in the room. She just watched, then started touching me and doing things.
Afterwards they behaved like nothing had happened and when my mom came and picked me up she was distracted and stressed like usual, so wrapped up in her own feelings she didn't notice mine. So i never said anything and hoped it wouldn't happen again.
I pretended to be ill the next week. But I had to go the week after. He was there and I wet myself because I was so frightened. Her mom yelled at me and then phoned my mom who yelled at me. I was in the bathroom crying and they came in. I didn't fight because they told me they'd get me into even more trouble and I just wanted everyone to stop shouting at me.
Such was life for about 2 years. I quit the dance lessons in the hope that that would make it stop but my mom didn't have anywhere to put me while she was at work and she didn't trust my dad to stay and look after me. So I ended up going to their house anyway.
All I can think about is how both her mother and mine were more concerned about a damn carpet than why I was terrified of this man.
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I am so sorry you went through this. You deserved a happy time growing up and not the horror you went through. I really hope you have moved on and have found happiness since.