The Story Of How

My story starts when I stayed late at my friends house. It was dark by the time I was leaving and her brother offered to walk me home. It wasn't that far so I said he didn't have to. But he insisted. On our way we laughed and joked. Shared embarrassing school moments. He was my best friends twin and a really close friend of mine. A few houses up the road from my house he grabbed my arm. Scared thinking he saw something I turned to him, only to have him clamp his hand over my mouth and pull me against his chest. I still thought he saw something dangerous and was protecting me. Until he pulled me towards the barn in my neighbors yard. I didn't really fight because I didnt understand quite . When he had me inside the barn he turned and locked the door. Using rope from in the barn he tied my hands. And me like a freaking idiot sat there, and didnt try to stop him. When he started peeling my clothes off I came to my senses and started fighting him. He hit me in the head and I kinda blinked in surprise. Someone tapped at the barn door. I screamed thinking it was the owner and he'd help me. It was his best friend. Charlie (the brother) locked the door again while Aaron (the friend) gagged me. i Started to fight again but Aaron held me down while Charlie finished taking my clothes off. Charlie hauled his pants down and entered me. Some point I started to cry. When charlie was finished they switched places and Aaron had a turn. They put my clothes back on and threatened that if I told anyone it would be more painful next time. I went home and didn't tell anyone. A week later Charlie came to me at school and asked to talk to me alone. I agree, but we had to stay in view of a teacher (my terms) He told me he was sorry. and hugged me. I started to cry and for some unknown reason forgave him. Aaron never said sorry, and tried again that week. Charlie walked in on it and beat him up. This is the story of how. How he raped me. How I forgave him. How I moved on.
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You are so nice never forget that.

And how he went on to rape other innocent girls because he got away with it so easily the first time.

you're awesome. i mean, i wouldnt have forgiven him that easily i would of had that anger boiling in my heart until now

You are very strong!! I admire you :)

Great job and delAy is a firm of shocked not your fault there

Just curious I didn't read where this was reported to the authorities?

*looks away* I was too nervous.

Don\'t be ashamed at not reporting. I didn\'t with any of mine. I knew I would never be believed, so I figured why put myself through all that?

why did you forgive him?

because if I don't forgive, then I could become bitter, hating them for what they did. I would rather forgive and move on.

I'm sorry that this happened to you, but I really hope you aren't cutting, it doesn't help, (trust me I've tried it makes things worse)

Wow I don't really know what to say I just wish you best of luck from now on

Thank you.

Well if you ever want to talk about anything just let me know

I will, and thank you again.

Your such a nice person for you to forgive after what he did to you. It's very inspiring, I don't think I could.

Thanks. I bet you could, everyone can I'd they're willing.

Good for you
Keep you down

Forgive and forget

Whoo hoo! Ominous message. Check!
I'm SO proud of you! You got over it! You didn't let him trick you again!


oh sorry about what happened to you.... **hugs** :)

Thanks. It's not on my mind so much any more. I guessed I closed the door to my past and moved on.

that's good :)

I'm sorry for your experience, I had an experience as well and it made me very weak and vulnerable around men and relationships, I learned to let it go and met someone who treated me with respect. Hope all is well

Thanks! Things are going well. I wish you the best =)

I'm really sorry for what happened to you. Sometimes people, whom you least expect to hurt you, do it the most. Everyone has issues, very terrible ones, I know it's hard to deal with them, but you are a strong and a very very special person for forgiving him like that. I hope you find peace. And kindly stop hurting yourself.

Thanks. Believe it or not. that comment means alot. He's never hurt me since, but he can be very protective.

Words will fail to express how I feel both your pain and the benevolence of forgiving the person who have wronged you. Thank you for sharing your story.

I suppose I forgave him because I don't see the sense in holding regrets. Time took him from my worst enemy to the only person I have. He stood by me through cutting and burning. Surgeries. And attempted suicide. I can honestly say he's what keeps me going now.