High School Guy

Ok back when i was in high school i dated this guy several times he was like my verison of romeo and i happened to play soccer and be in the marching band with him. Well the first time we dated he cheated on me everyday with a friend of mine that apparently didnt no that me and him were together. One day i go into band rehearsal and she says OMG guess what? thinking nothing of it i asked what.....thats when she told me that her and my so called boyfriend were havin sex and she thinks shes preggo by him. A part of me died inside even tho it turned out she wasnt preggo at that time so i left him. A year passes and he finally admits that he really did cheat on me but only because i wouldnt sleep with him i told him thats not who i was and forgave him we started dated again and this time his anger got really bad and he started threatening me and calling me names and stuff. Well i still wouldnt sleep with him so i left him yet again only to return another year later when he said he had gotten help only this time when i still didnt give it up and sleep with him he took it from me. For 2 years after that i didnt no that what he had done to me he had done to others because i was stupid and didnt call the police.......he threatened all of us with our lifes until finally sumone told the police and the rest of us came forward to defend the only one brave enough to tell. In the end he got to the girl and she dropped charges but not before the police found illegal weapons and put him in jail for awhile. Well its been another 2 years i had just gotten a boyfriend again and started a new life.. just found out i was pregnant to so i went to a concert to see BuckCherry live to celebrate with friends we had just gotten to the front close to the stage when someone tapped me on the shoulder....it was him ...i was told he couldnt come within 200 ft of any of us....the fact he touched me made me feel sick. I was told i should move on and let it go but sumthing like that...i dont no if i can...and seeing him face to face again just brought it all back up the pain, the fear, the helplessness....im seeking help again but its really hard to forgive it i dont even no if i should but if i dont....will i ever truely get over it?
Tayuya Tayuya
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Same thing happend to me... You will never truely get over it. You just have to focus on now not then. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Stay strong love <3 Add me if you want...