Follow-up To Book Assistance Request...

There have been so many brave souls willing to share their experiences and suggestions... I am amazed and humbled!

I have been away from EP for a few weeks now, dealing with some challenges of my own. But I have been writing! As I process all of what has been shared with me, a few questions/ideas have bubbled up. Again, I welcome your input!

1. The role of her teen years boyfriend seems to be morphing somewhat. The original idea that he had been forced to witness her rape has (as several of you predicted!) not fit the evolving story line. I'm rethinking that.

2. A few of you have shared a sense of guilt over what you saw as your body "betraying you" by responding sexually, to one or another extent, during your rape. I was surprised to hear that this ever occurred. I always thought that physiological hardwiring would never be strong enough to prevail in the face of the horrible reality of what was happening. I'm wondering how common this is? Also wondering how common such sexual response might be later, in dream or fantasy. This whole notion was a real surprise.

3. As I mentioned in my first post, the healing process for my character is triggered by a return home for her mother's funeral. She is uncovering art work she produced in response to the rape - pieces that clearly reach across the years and bring back the terror and rage. She also finds work she did prior to the rape. It, too, takes her back, but to her fascination with observing and recreating the peace and beauty of nature. The two visions of her past war with each other. She begins drawing again, as a way to work through it. Is this still seeming like an ok process?

4. During the adult years leading up to her Mom's death, her own sexuality is developing in this sort of manner: She is very much detached from any emotional content, although she does respond physically - up to, but short of, ******. Could this be related to #2 above? Is it realistic?

5. For you, have there been flashes of insight on the road toward healing? ...or more of a long, hard work sort of progress? Have you felt that this journey needed to be taken alone - before you could invest in relationships with others, or did close relationships (romantic or otherwise) play important roles?

I thank you again. You are amazing people!
Sharpie7 Sharpie7
51-55, M
Dec 2, 2012