No More Sober Driving For Me

it all happened when i agreed to be a sober driver for a cousin. I've always had somewhat of a reclusive life. Didn't get out much or even make a lot of friends. I was quite happy to stay at home with my family.
My cousin begged me to take her out so she could have a drink and meet up her boyfriend. I felt sorry for her so i agreed. It was a great night. She was having fun and so was I just watching her stumble around and making bad jokes. By the end of the night (clubs close at 12 where I'm from) I was ready to go home but my cousin had met up with her boyfriend and he had asked her to go to the beach with them. Again she begged me to take her.
After a while I noticed that I was surrounded by men and NO FEMALES. My cousin and I were the only females. But when I turned to tell her, she was nowhere to be found. Of course I thought the worst and went looking for her. Big mistake. Some guy kept following me everywhere I went. Scared and nervous, I saw someone I knew and trusted. I ran to him and told him my cousin was missing. He told me he would help me find her. You could imagine my relief. ANOTHER MISTAKE. We went far away from the group of guys and before I knew it, I was being held down.

I still see him around. The ugliest thing about the whole thing, everyone at that party knew about it but never did or said anything. I'm 23 now, but I still think about that night. What an introduction to sex.
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really feel for anew earth by eckhart will definitely help you heal