It Still Hurts.

How many girls and women have been raped by a brother-in-law? Countless numbers I'm guessing. I lost my virginity to mine by way of rape when I was 16. I have always suspected that his wife (my older sister) not only knew about it but that she arranged it. I was not able to find a job on leaving school. My sister offered that I come stay with them for a while. they lived in a larger regional town where I might find a job. This offer was unusual because my sister never showed any interest in me before this, she is very selfish and self-absorbed and was very abusive to us (myself and my other sisters) when we were young. My mother pressured me to go, so I did. It was hell. My sister used me as the hired help around the house and I spent most of the rest of my time in my room and dodging my brother-in-law and his leery advances. At night they would have loud sex ensuring I could hear them as I was only in the next room. My sister went out one day...some 'meeting' or something and left me alone with her husband. He'd been drinking beer all morning as he drank every day. When my sister left the house he made his move. He started by grabbing me by the shoulders and forcing his tongue down my throat whilst backing me into my bedroom. He pushed me down onto the bed tore my pants off and raped me. I still wonder if she was watching or filming it, I have never found out. I became very disturbed and depressed after that and began doing bizarre things like aiming (an unloaded) rifle out the window onto the street at passersby and pulling the trigger. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure the rifle was not loaded the first time I did that. I moved back home, never told another soul and got a boyfriend who had a married brother 10 years older than him. He (the brother) raped me too. I was 17 and felt like I was put on this earth just for older married men to rape. he called me all sorts of names and made threats if I told and if I didnt give him sex whenever he felt like it. He gave me chlamydia. My boyfriend dumped me soon after. That was nearly 40 years ago and it still hurts. I am reminded of these things at every family gathering (my sister is still married to that man). Other things with him and with the boyfriend's brother happened to but too much to detail.
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Your sister is a filthy pig. Too bad you didn't aim the rifle at her.

Man that is evil

Don't kill her you would get manslaughter crimes and man that witch is evil

betrayed by your protectors.

send that guy a present, a mirror.

Those men are atrocious! My heart goes out to you. (hugs)

Thankyou for your reply and kindness. That posting was the first time I have ever related those experiences - my husband doesnt even know all of it.