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Whispers Of March

I was in highschool. A Teenager. I went to parties. But this one was worse. It all started when my friend decided to take me to a juniors party. Of corse It had alchohol, but I only drank a little, I had to sober up and take care of my friends, once I did that it was almost 1 in the morning and I was tired. So I went outside to take a breath of fresh air. I sat down in the grass and had a beer when these 3 guys started to walk by. I heard one of them whistle but I pretended to look at my phone. The guy kept saying Oooo wouldnt you want a piece of that. I relized they were my brothers friends I had met before. They came over and sat down, one of then had put there arm around me and the other started to feel up my leg. i got nervous and stood up but they pulled me back down onto one of there laps. told them if they didnt let me go I would get my brother. But they said mybrother had left. So They picked me up and took me to the side of there house, I kicked one of the guys but that just pissed him off. He threw me on the ground and jumped on top of me and told me, If I wasnt good he would hurt me. Justin, one of the guys started to say something about not hurting me but the other 1 hushed him up. The guy on top of me, trevor, started to kiss me, i smelled alchohol. He lifted up my dress and started to feel me, I was pushing him and telling him to stop, and begging Justin to help me, but justin had run away. spencer held my arms together. Trevor then pulled down my underwear and took off his pants and stuck it in. I screamed! No one would help me. He came in me with out a condom and then let Spencer had a turn. I was in pain, he did it so hard. He kissed me on my neck and left bruises everywhere.
leveki leveki 16-17, F 7 Responses Dec 10, 2012

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Did you tell ur brother that his friends raped you after he left?? & did u get checked in case you go preg cus he came in you... & checked for stds???

Tell your parents, then go to the police....these boys are Cowards......they should suffer for what they did to you.

Tell the authorities. I hope that your brother beats the crap out of them.

So sorry to hear this.Your strong to share your story with us.There is a solution and He is called God.Through him your healing process will become so fast.He will give you the love the attention the joy you need.Just take the first step in knowing Him.After reading this just whisper a prayer in your heart telling God that you need His help.And i bet your life will shift greatly after that.I hope i helped

I too was raped. Unlike you however I have dealt with PTSD without a "God".
That's right.
This little old Athiest actually accomplished something.
You dont need religion to heal.

Preach on my fellow Materialist/Atheist/Naturalist!

Please don't be afraid to get the help you need.

I have battled depression for different reasons and have recently grasped that there is no shame in seeking the help you need.

I believe rape is a terrible way to lose your virginity and your story backs my beliefs up.

Wow you are young and to go through this is very traumatizing. It may seem like you can not tell anyone but if there is someone who cares for you I would tell them. A similar situation happened to me and I wish that I would have told someone but I was embarrassed and afraid of their reaction it has been many years for me. However if it is recent for you and you want to tell someone you should. If you ever just want to talk you can contact me on here.

Sweetie, you have a witness-Justin.
You could still press charges.
Have you considered telling your parents?
How do you think they would react?

I don't know, if justin ran off like coward like and still didn't help, the other boys could just intimidate to shut-up him again.

Witness intimidation is a separate charge here...
It would be worth asking him if he'd testify.