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The ciggarette guy

I was thirteen at the time, I went to the mall with my best friend and these two guys walked past us and asked if they could bum a cigarette off of us, we said no we don't have any either so they said oh well were 18 we could buy you guys a pack on us, so stupidly we frollicked off with these two strangers and they took us to this little garage thing, and said their buddy makes and sells packs of ciaggerettes for 2 dollars so we followed them inside. My friend was for lack of better words a bad influence. I'd pretty much go along with whatever stupid ideas she had. There was two beds on each side of the room that had curtains that boxd them into the corner so no one couldsee the bed. My friend and one guy went to one side and me and this guy went to the other. Me being young and vournable thought we were waiting for the cigarette guy when this guy let's call him Brandon, pulls the curtain shut and gets on top of me with his hand over my mouth and a knife to my throat says don't make a sound or I will kill you so no one will ever find you. Obviously I agreed and he started kissing my neck and taking off my shirt then easing off my pants and he stuck it in, I cried I guess loudly because he put his hands around my throat and shhhshed me then proceded raped me violently. So hard I bled. This lasted about twenty-thirty minues until he let me leave the bed , my friend and her guy were sitting on the couch in the middle of the room and the two guys up and leave saying their going to get the cigarettes. My friend said she really likes her guy and they had sex.. I wanted to impress her. I didn't want her to think I was prude, so i said yeah me too.
lipslikemorphiene lipslikemorphiene 16-17, F 5 Responses Dec 13, 2012

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Tell the truth and stay away from that friend.

Hopefully you're not hanging out with this girl any more!???

Thanks you guys (:

nice I know this can happenas it did to me

honestly i dont know anything you have been through and i dont want to make you feel as if im judging you but baby girl that was a dumb choice .He had sex with you ,hard violently without your permission and you was a virgin im thirteen myself and i wouldnt want my first time to be the way your wents you did not deserve that and it wasnt your fault you probably feel like well i didnt do much to stop him no baby girl you did al that youo could but something deep down a tthat time you were weakend and i dont blame you but keep your head up a continue to live life and live it well we all go through something and that was just a test to see how strong you were .so words of wisdom dont let this hold you aclk keep your head and smile like the beatiful girl that you are and that you do have people who care