My (fictional) Rape Storie

-this is odveously not real so dont ask me stupid questions-
-this is a storie from a dead gay guy that got raped and killed-

It was right there when he raped me.Right there where i trusted him.i am a bisexual guy and i'm going to tell you and entertaning storie.I was 15 then.When he took my life.I didnt know what to say.I was in shock.he kicked me,punched me...killed me :'( i never thought my brother would do this to me.Im not laying on the ground froze,bleeding,dying.Hopeless was a less than perfect way to describe me at that point.i was i could have told my mom bye and told my dad not to cry.that i will be watching them and keeping them safe as i lie there in pain flash backs begin in my head.Tears run down my face.i am dying i thought.this cant be happening he was my own brother.why would he do this to me?what did i do wrong?did he even know?All those questions when running threw my mind.Did he even care if i was dead?was he messed up in his head?i want to tell you mom i love you and dad i am still your little boy i will keep you guys safe and warm.When god calls you guys home i will be standing there waiting for you guys with a big smile on my face.dont worrie about me mom and dad i am still with you even though i lay here dying i will always love you

love,your youngest son
naughtyboydrake naughtyboydrake
18-21, M
Dec 14, 2012