The Nightmares He Left Me With

Me and my sister was 6 years old, kidndergarden.He(Jonathan) was 14 years old, I think freshmen.
His sister(summer) was about 11 years old.
My "friend" was 6 along with my sis and I.

My "friend" (tyler) had introduced us(me and my sis), to jonathan and summer. We all got along very well and played together everyday afterschool but then one day they wanted me and my sis to join their club. Of corse we said yes.
Jonathan then told us that we had to do some things before we join. First, we had to drop our pants. We told them no but then they said they would do it to so we all did it.
The next day they told us we had to go into different rooms with eachother,
tyler with summer, and my sis and I with jonathan.
Me and my sis were okay with this at first because we thought it was like a game of war going against eachother in teams so we went along with it.
Big mistake.
When we walked into his sisters room he locked the door behind us and told us we had to go one at a time uner the blanket with him. We told him no but then he showed us a gun and said we had no choice, what we didnt know until later that it was a be-be gun and not a real one.
My sis was first. He told me to face the door and play a video game, I didnt want to but I was scared so I did. A little later my sis came out, she looked like she was crying but them he told me to get in the blanket.
Once I got in he removed my pants and tried to take my underwear but I tried to escape. I jumped out half way out of the blankets and reached for my sister but was pulled back in by my legs. I remember him about to stick it in but then I blacked out.
Afterwards I remembered him helping me put my pants back on and my face wet from tears.
I crawled out from the blankets and next to my sister. He then unlocked the door and said that we were now in the club.
After that day he would touch us whenever he saw us. (He lived in the house behimd us so that was almost everyday until he moved.

I later found out what tyler and summer was doing, they were having sex in jonathans room.
No one but my sis, and a selected few friends know about this. My family does not know. Im never going to tell.
To this day my sis and I have vowed to track down jonathan and summer and confront them. I just wish the nightmares of that same memory would go away. I always see this memory in my dreams at least once a week.
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Wtf u were raped at 6??by a 14 yr old. And ur friend was a 6 yr old boy having sex with an 11 yr old girl WTF HAS THE WORLD COME TO???

Absolutely terrible. Be strong.

This was so sad. If I was on your place would track and beat the crap of him

In no way I'm I trying to blame you because you did not deserve what happened to you. My heart breaks for you, your sister and the many many rape victims of this world. I just wish that victims would not let these sick evil monsters get away with it! Although, it may be tough to relay what has been done to you, your voice is powerful and could save others! Be strong in yourself and know this shame is not yours. It's his dirty shame! I wish you a strong road into recovery =)

I don't blame you, that boy he was evil genius. sometimes we do stuff in our childhood without any knowledge. We take our cloths to play and we have no idea that's wrong or in the reality we're doing something else. Some kids they ********** even but they did not know it's not a game it's a desire which means sex in the future for them. What I am trying to say don't blame yourself and try to forget and never mention this for people. I can say most of people have experience with sex in their childhood I don't mean sex itself. Our life is about levels we pass each level by the time until we leave this world in each level we face troubles and we learn this experience is not shame absolutely it's not you have no idea as a kid what you were doing. Anywas this topic must be very secret. You might hate that guy I don't balme you again ! he's really huge devil. I now typing this comment and asking myself what he will do in the future ? I guess he's gonna do more devil very important information: people who commited crimes since their childhood the usually in the future, they can be serial killers or very bad people. Most serial killers are very bad at their childhood they rape. But don't worry everything is gonna be alright just stay away from that guy also I highly recommend to leave your old friends so they won't remind you of the dirty past

After kindergarden I never saw tyler again. And jonathan moved away about a month after he did that.

That's better for you, this will provide the oppertunity to forget keep in your mind the past had gone deeply inside your brain try to put this "The past had gone"

I don't agree with your last statement about dropping her old friends. One can never truely escape the their past, we can only try to gain the strength to push forward. If she had to drop people out of her life to forget, that means she would have to stay away from her sister. Not a good solution! =(

You were so young, the boy will forever have what he did to you and your sister in his conscience.. but you should really tell someone you trust and can help.. living under the memory of what he did will do no good..