Bleeding Tearing Hymen

well i was twenty one when my hymen tore and i never hade sex befor he was a old men around his late sixtys and he started kissing me and tonching me every whrere i wanted hem to stop and leave me alone  i said no stop get off me and then he said your a vurgin i can tell how nevorse you are. then he started tearing my counths and i tryed to fight hem but i could not cause
he was so strong and i was so scared that i would get it worse if i scream sow i kept quit and he said what your name jamie and mark did not belive i was a vurgin sow then when he entered me i cryed out in pain bleeding cause my. hymen was tearing and i was in sow munch pain then then mark said you are a vurgin i told you i said quit to hem and i was just laying on the bed in my room while he raped me for hours it seemed like then when it was fainly over mark said don,t tell
anyone jamie my breast wore so sore from hem sucking on them during the aslaut i thought it was over i was wrong then he forsed me to sunck hem i was crying and my cheecks wett from the
tears falling from my eyes i said no then he forsed it in my mounth. and i was chocking on his penise and he got hard and calmy know i was i thought he was going to rape me again and then he said your a nice girl i just staerd at hem what you raped me know your saying i,am a pretty nice girl then i was scared again and he. was all ready cuming and then he said you are how old i ,am twenty one then he said thats young and i was bleeding still then and i wasn,t going to keep quit i sreamed and he grab me and kissed me like we whrere dating he thought it was a date in his mind then after he left and i was caught with those memorioes dreams and all the trauma and i haven,t forgeten sept , 4 , 2009 .
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012