My Aunt Did It

it was over the sumner this year and my parents were out of town, so i had to stay with my aunt. it was 3 a.m. and i went to the kitchen for some water. when i came back to the hall where my room is, she pushed me down, got on top of me and said "don't make a sound or i'll kill you." after she finished talking, she kissed me and put her tongue in my mouth. then she got up, pulled into my parents room, picked me up and put me on the bed and started taking off all my clothes. she got on me and put me in her. She even got pregnant off me and said the kid was my uncle's. Its not the kids mine but I can't tell anyone about it. I WANT MY KID NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bro i am also a victim 2 years ago in 8th class two seniors and german teacher did the same with me

Raped by a lifeguard and thrown into the system(Cps)

All of the comments add up I have been choked by my


Wow a guy see they need a section on guy rape and gay rape

Because men are usually intimidated by the female majority

Sorry to hear ur story man keep ur head up nd take the child

Dam ! Its hard tk think a women can do that to a boy. My dad had tje same experiance as a child twice onxe with to guys nd the other with his aunt it ruined his life . He grew up really smart bit got onto meth cuz he didnt know how to copewith it cant really blame him for much.

I am sorry to hear. I am a female but was molested by my Aunt as well. People are always shocked when I tell them that women can be sexually abusive just like men and maybe even worse because they use emotional blackmail and kick you were it hurts emotionally. I hope you overcome. Be strong and take care.

Wtf....i wouldve called the cops....your aunts wack

Hey,i read this and i gotta say,,,u got courage putting this experience up,your aunt is wrong for that.has she suffered yet? i've been through something like this,but i was 6,i had no idea what was going on,lol!

shes been arrested and shes probably getting raped now

yep,by a chick named joey,who loves grilled cheese.

dude i'm dyin over here now

i'm glad you are XD

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