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I dont like starting my story about how awful my rape was... I need to tell you about me.. My name is Kaylan. I am 18 years old, & i have a son named Asxen Larkin. Now here is my story.
I was a freshman in high school. Short blonde skinny, everyone called me beautiful and told me how much they wanted to be just like me. I was proud of that. Everything my freshman year was going splended for me. Made cheer team, was on beta, had all my grades up.. & just when i thought my life couldnt get better, the star football player asked me out. Of course i said yes! We dated for a good while. Went to parties with eachother. My sophomore year we was still together. We had never been sexually active, i was a virgin, & had to make sure he was the right one. He always asked and i would always say no. He would get mad a bit, but i always said oh well he loves me. One day he wanted to go to this party, so i said okay. We walked in and we started drinking hardcore, to the point where i couldnt stand by myself. He then picked me up, and carried me to the bedroom up stairs. He got on top of me and covered my mouth and started kissing my neck. I tried to stop him. He raped me violently. I bleed all over the bed sheets. When he was done he just got.up an left. I woke up the next morninh leaving this boys house, to go home to my mom screaming at me asking me where i have been. I just ignored her and walked away. I didnt tell her because i didnt want her or my father to be ashamed of me. 2 months later i missed my periods, took a pregnancy test, & found out i was pregnant. I was so shocked, & i didnt know how i was going to do. My attacker brokw up with me, mom and dad would kill me... A couple weeks later i told my mom j was pregnant, then told her about what happened at the party. Months later i had a healthy little boy. I am now a senior, i am passing with all A's. I try very hard to be the best mother i can be, plus the best student. It gets hard, but i am a strong woman. I dont regret getting raped, or wishing it never happened. Because ether it would have happened to another girl who would have just killed her baby, or i wouldnt have Larkin. The best thing thats happened to me. So keep your head up. A shine bright. Your not just another one, your unique.
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My goodness...you are a strong and wonderful woman.

It probably has happened to another girl because you didn't tell anyone and get him put in jail.

you are such an inspiration

You're such a strong woman -a true inspiration :)

You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this story !!

Make him pay the price...through the court if required.

You're really strong.
Hope you and your baby have a good life.

Thankyou for telling your story. Your strength is Impressive.

You are truly a strong girl you have set an example for the people. plz add

You Are Awesome ... Very inspiring ... Wish you all luck in your life and take care of Larkin

Your strength is inspirational. I hope other victims read this and see how you haven't let this scum ruin your life.

You are an inspirational woman. To have something so cruel happen to you, yet you never lost hope, pure inspiration.

you are just ................. no comment grand grand grand salute :)

You are beautiful... Take care of your son and raise him to adore life.

You are amazing and inspiring :)

Thank you!

I am sorry for your story. But I am happy your happy with your darling baby boy.

Te admiro.

im sorry to hear such a tragic story, but im glad that you are so optimistic and are able to move on in such a positive way. i came on this site because i was feeling a bit depressed but now after reading some of the stories that people have gone through, it really just lets me realize how lucky of a person i am. again, ty for your story it really helped.

Congratulations on being strong & being a mother. You are right we are all Unique

I truly love your heart-felt story. Thanks you for sharing.

One day, your son will look up to you and be very protective of you since you're doing such a wonderful job moving on in your life. I wish you the very best in life, and I want to thank you for having the courage to tell your story!

You are strong & ur baby is lucky to have a mother like you!