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A Year Wasted

I was 13 and to be honest just like everyone else i had amazing friends and a great family just before my 14th birthday i met this guy he was turning 16 but really age didnt matter to me then he was cute and.i was in love with his personality we started dating and everything was perfect up to about 4months in the relationship when he kept askibg me to have sex with him i always said no hoping he would just soon give up, but i was the one that gave up i done it with him thinking he would stop pressuring me but about a week after that he raped me things were getting really bad he started hitting me, continuously raping me and then i thought i got pregnant i knew i was screwed if the test came bk positive when he found out he punched my stomach And nsfe me have a miscarriage he took everything from me and yet i stayed with him until i cut my wrists and tryed to kill myself my dad foundd me and thats when everything came out it lasted a full year and 4months i'll never forget it but ny family stood by me and im getting better now
staystrongangel13 staystrongangel13 13-15, F 6 Responses Dec 31, 2012

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How did ur dad keep from killing him young lady?

im not amazing but ive just sort of learned to live with it i mean theres no point in crying about it anymore cause he obviously doesnt care and if i think on all the time i'll be wasting my life:) and dont feel sorry for me i kinda blame my self, it could happen to anyone i was just unlucky i guess :):)

Sorry, but you don't sound like you're getting in better. I'm sorry this happened to you.

I dont know why he did it he used to say it was because he love me and yh i am feeling loads better thanks:) yh i did report him

did you report him

That's horrible why would he do that and I hope you are doing better :)