Victim's Worse Nightmare

While in job corps one day my boyfriend was sick so i was hanging out with a buddy of mine for a few days. the first day we walked around town and on the docks of Astoria. The following day though took a turn for the worst. He decided he was going to try and get me to sleep with him and wouldn't take no for an answer. he ended up locking us in the kitchen, kept pulling me on to him and trying to undress me as I told him no and pushed him away. I freaked out. Hours later he finally let me go and i reported him to security. What they said became my worse nightmare... They told me it was my fault!!! he admitted to almost everything and they told me it was my fault?!?! WTF!!! they gave us both community service hrs (20 hrs each) and i had to take healthy relationship classes...The classes ended up being good though because I ended up in some much needed counseling classes for my past. My man was sooooo mad at all of this and so was I. I still cant believe the security officer said this and this happened in 2011...
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Did you get the police on him?

no but without my knowledge my Job Corps buddy/room mate beat the crap out of him and said if it happens again it will be worse nxt time...

I'm sorry to say this, but I see same thing over and over again. Men become good "friends"/"buddies" with a woman to get close to her and to earn her trust, then expect her to put out or make her put out if she doesn't do it herself.

Women: In 9/10 cases, a straight male friend is not really your friend. He's friends with you because he's hoping for more.

Man, this world is ****** up

Rape is such a double sided issue is this country. Rape is the only crime in which we treat the victim like they are the reason why. For the longest time police officers were told that women that reported rape just wanted attention.
God bless you for sharing your story.

I was told by a security officer even when he got the other persons story that was 95% true that i started it

I'm sorry you had to experience that. I can't believe they blamed you!