I was twelve years old when it first happened. My mother had only recently separated from my father (a man who never gave a damn about us). My mother soon met a man, whom she married.

We lived in a very narrow apartment, only one bathroom, and two bedrooms. I slept in one of the bedrooms, alone. While my mother and HE slept in another-my mother was pregnant at the time, with his child.

I think it was a genuine innocence of my young age; I didn't even think of locking the door. He came into my room one night. I woke up to the feeling of something moving across my arm, when I opened my eyes and saw him. He had the most frightening look on his face. I don't think I'll ever forget that. I'll skip the glory details...after he was finished. He pulled up his pants, gave me a kiss on the forehead, and walked out. didn't stop there. I lost count.
And you know what the worst f***ing parts of it was? It didn't stop with him. and my mother never did anything about it.
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You should call Steve Wilko. I'm serious.

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You never went to the authorities? Not to blame you for that, just a question.

Late reply...I know.
No, I never went. Never even thought about it. Don't know why...

It's to late now? Or you do not want to be reminded of it in that way any more? Good luck in the rest of your life! xW

Sorry to hear what happened to u. It's unfortunate ur child hood was taken away from u. Mine was to by my step aunt and step mom. Before I joined this site I never really told anyone what happened cuz it seems like men cant be raped by women, least that's the general belief out there but that's exactly what my step mom and step aunt did to me when I was young so as a fellow victim of sexual violence, i survived it though and I know u will to. Just hang in there and know that if u ever need someone to talk to. I'm here.

My name is Trav by the way...Bray is just short for Brayden which used to be my name.

I'm sorry about what happened to you as well. I wasn't open about what happened to me either, not until I found this site and it all just sort of came out of me. And I'm glad that it did and that you spoke about it too. :)
Thank you Trav.
I'll keep that in mind. If you ever need to talk to someone too, I'm here.
My name is Alykzandra. :)


I am sorry. I am sorry for what you went through. I just want to say that I think you are amazing, and are a strong woman. You were a victim of rape, and that is not uncommon here in the U.S or around the world. Unfortunately many girls suffer through it, and with society it has become a larger problem since victims are often silenced and are blamed. It's really sad indeed.

I don't know what to say, but that I'm proud of you. I'm proud that you had the courage to pick up your stuff and leave. You are truly an amazing individual, and I have high respect for you. From one female to another, although I do not know what you went through or are currently going through, I just want to say that you are not your past. The past is in the past, and you are now in the present. Create new memories, pave yourself a better path, and move on. It's hard, but the grass is definitely better on the otherside.

Chin up, butter cup.

Thank you so much. Your words really mean a lot. I try to not see myself as a victim, but a survivor. I agree with you, I can't keep living in the past and keep messing myself up because of it, although it's difficult. We have to live in the present and never look back.
Thank you.

I understand how it must have felt, I was also twelve when I was raped. The man kept me in his basement, and let his sick friends come and watch. I know this isn't quite the same as your situation, but I know how it feels, and will gladly listen if you ever what to talk about it.

My email is if you want to talk.

I'm sorry about what happened to you. I can understand the feeling too...
Thank you. I will. :)

I understand how you feel towards your mother, it's totally normal, and you are very brave for sharing your story on here, stay strong. :)

Thank you. I'm sorry if the same happened to you. It's a very weird thing-I always thought mother's, in my case, are supposed to protect their children. Not mess them up further. I find ease in the fact that not every parent is like the one I got...who didn't do anything for me.

Same here, some times parents suck, and they dont always. I'm grateful that no one in my group has parents like mine, they wouldnt make it

oh my god, that's horrible, still cant belive that these kind of things are happening... and what kind of people can do that.
what have you done? moved away?
I'm so sorry, hope you're good now! take care!

Thank you. It stopped when I turned sixteen. As soon as I turned the legal age, I left. Never looked back and considering that my mother was an equal **** about the whole thing, it has separated me completely from them.