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When I Was 13

Hi my named is jess and I am 15.
I went to this party with my friend it seemed fine so I went with her. Her and her bf introduced me into this boy when I went home he offer to give me a lift he drove to wards my house but he drove straight past the turn off I started to get worried it was really dark and we arrived at a little bugalow he had the key and be went in he lay me on his bed and I fell asleep as I was exhausted. I woke up in the middle of the night we were both naked he was on top of me I pushed him of and he slipped something in my mouth and I passed out when I woke I was naked I got my clothes and went to the bathroom I had bites all over me and blood down my leg I went home on the bus the next day after that I went back to see him he had metal chains tied to the bed frame he ******** me naked chained me up but left me awake as I couldn't move he bit me ****** me and punched me then he came in me I stayed there for two days then he took me to the shop to bue a pregnancy test we got back to the bugalow I peed on the stick and it came up positive and he chained me up and punched my stomach until I had a misscarriage then I went home.
rapedgirl13 rapedgirl13 13-15, F 16 Responses Jan 16, 2013

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Oh **** that ******* I will totally kill him if I knew him you have it one way or another rape or miscarriage if you do both u will be dead inside rape is about dominance and power what is a miscarriage nothing but pain

Both are evil but one is purely so

may be she is indian lols

Omg that a so horrible I feel so bad for u :-(

thats so sad i know how u fell it has happend 2 me two but 2

I have 6 children meaning....I have been pregnant 6 times.... you can't detect pregnancy after 2 days. 2 days after sexual intercourse the egg is still in the process of being fertilized. I have been raped too....would never have gone back to thee man or where it happened. They never charged him even though the rape kit came back that I had had violent sex and had been sodimized because they said it was his word against mine and he said it was consintual sex. This story is why I never got justice because there is girls out there that lie about rape just for a few glances of attention. SO NOT RIGHT AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED

On behalf of all women that are actually telling the truth... Thank you...

can you have said it a little nicer she may want the attention and be lieing but wonder why she feels like she needs to make up tht big of a lie shes in pain herself just a different pain
and if your lieing because you like lieing then not very nice chica

Yu are so right.

Why did u go back to see him

I'm sorry but this story is fake. She's 13 and stays at some boys house for 2 days? What did her parents think she was just spending a lot of time in her room with the doors closed? And he punched her untill she miss carried? He could punch someone until they passed blood but how do you determine that was the miss carraige of a 2 day pregnancy? How do you identify a 2 day old fetus? This is a troll and judging by the simplicity of the story a young troll. Shame on you

She may have been confused about the miss-carriage, she could of just been punch and suffered some internal hemorrhage from the punches, she being young could have confuse that, like how some young women don't know when their raped.

Women and young women particularly may sometimes have trouble explaining their situation to others, so I would in her best interest not try to talk down to her like that and she's 15 not 13 if you read her story well you'll get that.

Remember with authenticity, support, and respect.

although we will never really know I do feel this story has some holes in it. And I'm not sure whether she is 13 or 15. and if I read correctly, she went back to him the next day?? why would she. it doesn't make much sense. and the fetus, I agree.. by then it would still only be a miniscule clump of cells.

She may of done it out of Influence, and in with abusers can create stockholm syndrome with some victims. About the fetus, yes in no way a fetus would grow that quick, but like I said before if he injured her by hitting her near the pelvic area or another way that could cause vaginal bleed were she would be confuse about that, remember she still a teen, and probably doesn't know alot about sex.

I'm so sorry but I was raped an think I'm pregnant to so I know how you feel..

I don't think pregnancy tests work that early, or so I've heard

It's hard to believe ur telling the tryth

Report the son-of-a b*tch!!!!!!!!

hi i was gangraped at 13

Tell the police!

holy **** what the hell is wrong with this world???

Thanks for sharing this story jess.

Great story, thank you for sharing