Its Hurting Me Every Day Of My Life

When i was 9 step father started to help me in my school work then he started to touch me an he was always drunk so one day my mom was on work an he said let's go for a drive he went in this strange back road an he did it I scarred until my voice were sore it hurt so much I cry for days I bleeded for about six months I was so stupid I didn't know what sex was until I went to high school I hear the children talking about it then i realize what had happen It went on for 7 year he hated me to talk to anyone he always said if I tell I will break up he and my mom when I got married on my wedding night I started to cry an I told my husband what happen I wish I have lose my virginity to the person I love not a hour goes by an I don't think of being molested by my step father I haven't got over it yet but at night when I wake up crying at least I have some one to conforf me .
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im sorry to hear that i hope he got prison for that

Sorry to hear this mindy, since your having problems, have you consulted with a psychologist or a doctor yet?

Well I'm still here............. for now. I won't be leaving the hospital anytime soon.

But at least your in safe hands.


Oh thank god! I thought you were gone.

I never thought that once, I always knew she was a strong person.

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Men are monsters huh?

Hello mommiesbabygirl.

I'm in the hospital. Getting the drugs and help I need. I have been diagnosed with ptsd and sevier depression.

Thats good to hear, I hope everthing turns out well. You have my thoughts and condolences.