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I Cant Stop Thinkin If It Happened To Me Then Why Am I Still Alive

when i was 9 my family had just moved in with my moms bf and his friends.on the 6th night we were there my moms bf made all uskids go and play out of his friends live in a big insulated tent and he knew i was gonna go in there.when i did he had a movie on that i wanted to see so he told me to lay on his bed and watch it.i layed down and then he turned it off and said that if i wantto watch the movie then i would have to do somethin for him. i said ok. so he told me to take off my clothes thats when i realized what was happenin so i told him no. then he tore off my clothes and forced himself appon me. at that time i had already started developin a chest and as he was inside of me he played with them.finally he let me up.
icewizard101620 icewizard101620 13-15, F 4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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He should be jailed.

I'm trying to be diplomatic but, RPG7, i think your response really hurts. She was only 9, and even if she wasn't, the rape is enough for you not to blame her. I can only pray for God to give people like you a soul to feel compassion towards others.

I'm so sorry for you

That man is sick. Report him.