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The Truth Part 3

If you don't want to read 2 stories to find out what really happened I'll make it easier for you and just write it all down in this story:
t all started when I was 8 years old... I went to this summer camp and met this guy named Luigi who's a year and a half older than me! The second week of camp he asked me to kiss him, I found it kind of cute so I kissed him on the cheek but he quickly turned to make his lips meet mine... I quickly backed away... the same thing happened for three more days: He would ask me to kiss him, so I would find it cute, kiss him on the cheek, and then back away to the cause that he would trick his lips into meeting mine... On the fourth day we were going swimming (on the first day I told him my biggest secret BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER) and he said: "Kiss me or else I'll tell everyone your biggest secret..." I didn't want him to tell anyone so I kissed him on the cheek... "No!" He said "French kiss me!" I didn't know what that meant until he dragged me to the family restroom and started french kissing me! I tried to back away but that was one strong nine and a half year old year old!
When he was done he continued that routine for two more days until he turned 10 (I started developing a chest) so that day when he dragged me to the restroom and this time didn't french kiss me! YAY! I thought! But I was wrong because he asked me: "Show me your boobs..." I didn't think I developed them yet so I said: "Fine... since I don't have any this won't be a problem!" And when I lifted up my shirt I was EXTREMELY surprised! (They were around 2 cm big!) He smiled and tried to squeeze them but I put my shirt back down and ran out of the bathroom...
the next summer I was 9 and he was still ten turning eleven in like three or four weeks... My breast grew by 2cm! So when it was time to go swimming I changed in the stall (sadly next to him) and he looked over while I was changing and said: "They grew..." I looked up to see him smiling... I quickly put on my bathing suit and ran to the pool... After ten minutes of swimming I felt someone touching my vagina! IT WAS LUIGI! I swam away as fast and din't see him for the next twenty minutes until it was time to take a shower after the swimming session!
I got in the shower(one with an un-seeable through door not curtain) and took off my bathing suit and washed but he opened the door and got inside... I grabbed my bathing suit put it on and ran away out of the shower and ran to my activity...
Luigi stopped bothering me for a week until he did something that I NEVER told anyone... HE ALMOST RAPED ME!!! One day him and I went to give the attendance and became close friends again! But on our way back he pushed me into a locker and said: "IF OYU DON'T KISS ME I WON'T LET YOU OUT!"
I got really scared and said okay... so we went into the bathroom and I gave him a kiss on the lips... after that a small tear slid down my cheek and I asked: "Can we go back to tennis now?" but he pushed me to the ground and tried to take off my pants... "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" I yelled... it was the first time I cursed... he lifted me up, laughed and apologized! And the stupid gullible girl I am FORGAVE him!!! WHAT THE HELL WHY DID I DO THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? So we sat in a corner and he asked me: "Are you virgin?" And at the time I didn't really know what the word virgin meant so I gave him a confused look and he replied: "Had you ever had sex?" I jerked back more into the corner and replied no: "OF COURSE NOT! I'M ONLY NINE!" And he smiled... "That's what virgin means! Never had sex! But let me check and see if you're lying!" He replied... "I NEVER HAD SEX!!! Believe me!" He smiled even bigger: "Let me check your vagina and see if you're virgin!" I got really red with anger and replied: "I don't want to show you my vagina!" (See the rest of my phrase in my story: The truth!) "Come on! PLEASE!!!" He begged! I kept on saying no but he kept on begging until he finally convinced me and the ****** weirdo I am was so stupid and showed him my vagina! He kept on feeling it and moaning and i kept on asking when he would be done and he kept on replying: "Soon!" Until he took out a square packet! (DAMN I SHOULD OF FOUGHT HARDER!!!!!!!!!!) Anyways, he asked me if i knew what that was and I replied k=no so he put it on his "thing" and the **** stupid kid I am forgot to put my **** pants back on! he shoved his "thing" up my vagina for two minutes but it seemed like hours for me! I kept on crying and begging him to stop until after two minutes of begging he stopped and told me to wash my face and stop crying! I was so scared I obeyed and he put the **** condom in the **** garbage!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I'M TOO SCARED OF BEING CALLED PRETTY OR ANY COMPLIMENT OF ANY SORT, BEING IN A **** ROOM ALONE WITH A GUY!, BEING TOUCHED BY A GUY, ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD **** I SHOULD OF TRIED HARDER TO GET AWAY AND I MIGHT OF STILL BEEN GOD **** VIRGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You associated too much with boys. You should have stayed more with girls. That was your mistake.

wow sorry for your pain but i felt the same way i will tell my story maybe you will read it

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Ignore him, guy's a perv.