And It Doesn't Affect Me At All?

I was sober. It was a one night stand with a guy i had only met twice.

You hear about people being traumatized by  **** like that. Ya know, being really sad because it wasn't with a person that they loved.

But it doesn't bother me at all. I mean sure I'd like to talk more with this guy and stuff. But the fact that we don't and the fact that i know we're never gonna be together doesn't make me sad.

Am I weird? Should I be all depressed?


I think I'm more worried that I dont care that I lost it like that than I am of the fact that it was with someone I don't love, lol.

DreamLivEscape DreamLivEscape
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Its called FWBs some times its good to have friends who know and share your needs. Human instinct

Its not as uncomon as you may think dream. I remember being in the same situation and being young as I was, it was more of the excitement of the idea of sex. As I got older, the more difficult it got because my feelings metured and I allowed my heart to be involeved as well. It doesn't make you weird, its more of a protection mechanism than anything else. Perhaps in the future you will be more wiser and perhaps show others that you are not that easy to take to bed. I'm saying this because it appears you are a very respectfull young lady. Add me to your circle if you wish to, but before you do, read my postings, perhaps you'll get a better idea who I am about ok?