I Lost My Virginity Wearing Shiny Pantyhose And A Silky Slip

It was finally my 16th birthday. I had been fooling around with my teacher, Mr Sullivan, for a while now . I wore shiny pantyhose and slips under my clothes all the time and for my birthday i had bought some shiny black tights and a silky black half slip to wear. I did my usual family thing and then got "dressed" and headed over to mr sullivans. On the way there my **** was twitching in the tights thinking about what was in store for me. He had already told me how he needed a girlfriend and we were experimenting with that on the weekends so I was really hard by the time I made it to his street. Once there I went in and he had the whole place set up with candles and a nice "romantic" dinner set out. I immediately kicked my shoes off and removed my pants, standing there in my slip and shiny black tights. He walked up and grabbed me in his arms kissing me passionately. We had dinner and we played the usual game of footsie under the table. He was hard as was I so he suggested we move things to the bedroom. He lit some more candles and took his clothes off and then sat naked on the edge of the bed. He pulled me over to him and i sat down on his lap. His hands went all over my slip covered thighs while he kissed me again.I could feel his **** poking my *** cheeks on the black half slip. He then stood us up and bent me over the bed. He got behind me and slowly slid his **** up and down my *** crack on top of the slip. "mmmmm. I love the way your slip slides around on your pretty hose when I grind my meat on your *** baby."he said. And for several minutes he grinded on me and slapped his **** on my *** cheeks and even occasionally lifted my slip up to grind it on my tights. He made sure to push his **** into my hole slightly through the tights too! After this we layed down side by side on the bed and made out for a while longer . "I know I told you I wanted to wait until your 18 but I really wanna make love to your sweet little bottom baby" he said, "and I know you've been thinking about it too." I felt hypnotized in his arms like a mindless zombie doing whatever I was told. And at 6ft 5in tall, he had a big **** that I could feel pressing into my slip. I slid my silky black hose covered foot down the side of his calf repeatedly while we embraced each other. Suddenly I felt his hands go under my slip and quickly, with force, he ripped the crotch out of my tights, all the way up to my hole. As the tip of his huge **** pushed under my slip and lingered on my tight virgin hole, he pulled me close and kissed me again. After regaining my breath I knew I really wanted this and there was no reason to fight any longer. " I love you" I said. "I love you too", he replied. And with that the years of sexual tension would be released. he rolled over between my legs and brought them up to rest on his chest. He then reached over and got some lube out and began putting it on my hole and slowly pushed his fingers in and out. The whole time he slid his other hand up and down on my shiny hose covered legs and feet. Then I felt his warm **** push into my hole and I began to grunt and moan. Partly from pain and partley from pleasure. He went in and out so slowly that i was rock hard. He began licking on my feet and toes while he went faster and faster inside me. Then I felt it. A warm wet load oozing into my hole. He continued to pound me for a bit longer and then pulled out and whiped his cummy **** on my legs, humping my black tights briefly. I had finally lost my virginity and wore my shiny tights and a slip too! This began a lifetime of adventures. 

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Wow hot story

That's a fab story.

what happened to you?